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H.R. Giger. Kuva: Wikipedia.

H.R. Giger. Kuva: Wikipedia.

H.R. Giger on kuollut – kauan eläköön H.R. Giger!

Aiheen yhteydessä pitää suomalaisia muistuttaa siitä, että Helsingin Harakka-saarelta löytyy Gigerin ulkoilmapatsas Sabotage.

Patsas on sikäli harvinainen, että Gigerin ulkoilmapatsaita ei maailmassa liene kovin montaa, liekö Sveitsin ulkopuolella muualla kuin Harakan saarella?


Sabotage. Harakan saari, Helsinki.

Patsaasta Sabotage-sivuilla:

“Give up your right to rule yourself to this society under the condition that it also gives up its right to rule over you.”

The word “sabotage” comes from the French word “sabot” and means “to trample with wooden shoes.” A sabot is a clog with a leather top. At the beginning of agricultural mechanization French farm workers threw their “sabotes” into harvesting and processing machines (which were taking their jobs), thereby blocking the complicated mechanics of the mowing and threshing machines and rendering them useless. For the sake of their labor, they engaged in “sabotage”.


HR Giger ja Robert Jelinek. Kuva: Julie Monaco


The State of Sabotage is manifested in a unique sculpture that serves as a monument to artistic vision, territorial free spaces and independencies.

Sabotage mastermind Robert Jelinek invited the Swiss visionary and artist H.R. Giger to design the sculpture. H.R. Giger’s sculpture model consists of a pair of shoes cast in an iron/copper form and welded to a metal base. The sculpture will be installed at the highest point of Harakka Island. Visitors to the island can step into the shoes and, by wearing them, comprehend the island as space and merge with the ground. The unveiling of the sculpture will be accompanied by a musical live act by Philipp Quehenberger. The sculpture will remain forever on Harakka Island.

Sabotagen sivuilta löytyy aiheesta lisää:

SoS – State of Sabotage.

August 30, 2003: State Proclamation on Harakka Island, Finland.

Birth, state declaration and unveiling of the “Sabotage” sculpture by H.R. Giger, Amorph! Festival, Finland.

On August 30, 2003 at 1:00 pm Finnish time, on the island of Harakka just off of Helsinki, SoS (the State of Sabotage) was called into existence before a large audience. ROBERT JELINEK and H.R. GIGER, together with “HUUTAJAT,” the Finnish 25-man screaming men’s choir, ceremonially inaugurated the state. Also on this occasion, the “SABOTAGE” sculptural monument, designed by the Swiss artist, “Alien” inventor, and one of the most important representatives of fantastic realism, was unveiled. H.R. Giger’s monument is his first public sculpture outside of Switzerland. The sculpture will remain forevermore on the highest point of Harakka Island and is publicly accessible. The Helsinki City Museum assumes care of the monument in the future.

The state declaration took place under the patronage of the following micronations: the PRINCIPALITY OF SEALAND, LADONIA, the NSK STATE, ELGALAND-VARGALAND and the TRANSNATIONAL REPUBLIC. Representatives of the micronations also signed an SoS state charter. PHILIPP QUEHENBERGER supplied musical accompaniment. To duly commemorate this historic event, the State of Sabotage declares the 30th of August its State holiday, to be celebrated annually.

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har_4There is hope and a kind of beauty in there somewhere, if you look for it. – H.R. Giger.

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