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Peene1I’ve been listening to this CD quite a bit during the last few weeks. Here is what its publisher Freak Animal Records has said about it :

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I wasn’t personally very excited when Peenemünde approached with their first recordings. I gave harsh critics and eventually project decided to completely re-do the material what eventually became their (improved) debut album.

Case was entirely different with this second full length. I saw their great live performance and had opportunity to hear some raw out-takes of upcoming second album. Instantly I offered to publish material as proper CD if rest of material stands equally strong. And it does. No critics of suggestions was needed.

Peene2On first album P. Perä-Takala (Sick Seed) and P. Dassum (Umpio) basically combined the known elements of their projects as mere “collaboration”. But now Peenemünde stands as project of its own identity!

Second assault of Peenumünde abandons smashing junk metals and enters the dark laboratory of poisonous experiments with cold electronics! Duo created material live on tape in sessions what to me sounds unlike anyone else does. It has the cold electric feel without the elements of “techno”. It has the fierce junk metals without fitting into line with other junk metal noisers out there. It is rotten sound from gutters of laboratory without being unnecessary “lofi” or poor quality.

Thematically Peenemünde is based on inventiveness of mankind in the field of warfare and cruelty, concentrating especially on WWII. Essential!

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Peene3This is dark (conceptually and sonically), intriguingly looming, subtle and very well produced material from two great minds in the field, Pekka PT and Pentti Dassum.

Those who wonder about the name, the concept of this endeavour, can get the basic idea of it from here and maybe also a bit from Joseph P. Farrell’s book that I reviewed some time ago.

If you are even cursorily interested in this and like the sample first track of the album, I’d recommend you to buy the CD. This is a very nice piece in its genre from the sonic borderlands of our culture in this time and place.

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Peene41. They come with the rising sun.

2. Epidemic prevention coverup.

3. Maruta.

4. Pressure chamber.

5. Invasive surgery.

6. Water purification facility.

7. Retreat / ruins.

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Pekka PT speaks!

Live: SSRi, Umpio @ Kirjakahvila 28.9.

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