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bethlovemooreI paint for a society that’s dysfunctional. I don’t paint to make things better for people; I paint a mirror of this society – Beth Moore-Love.

Remember the interview I made with director Larry Wessel? My review of his latest documentary Iconoclast?

Larry has announced his next project, a documentary about Beth Moore-Love and her amazing art. You can find the documentary’s Facebook page from here.

Those of you who have seen Iconoclast might remember that Beth Moore-Love was featured in it. Knowing the type of people that read the blog I think it is proper to mention that Moore-Love was one of Anton LaVey’s favorite painters.

Here is what Larry has said about the film:

Hello friends! I am just now announcing my plans for my next feature film. It is a documentary called LOVE. The subject of my documentary is the extraordinary artist Beth Moore-Love. Please click the LIKE button on this page and help us spread the word to the Wide Webbed World. The word is L♥VE.

Beth Moore Love was born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1965. She lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she painted incredible paintings that don’t go with your couch. She also painted back drops for Joel Peter Witkin. She hangs out with Monte Cazazza and Stereo Total. She moved to Germany where she painted and sang. She once turned down a date with Nick Cave. She became a superstar for her paintings that she sells from $3000-10,000 each. (While she’s still alive!) She moved home to Albuquerque and has built a traditional Mongolian yurt. She had a feline familiar named Boobs who could do tricks. You will be able to experience all of this and much much more in LOVE, The Art of Beth Moore-Love.

A KICKSTARTER fundraising campaign for LOVE will begin on September 1, 2013.

The release date for LOVE is planned for Valentine’s Day, 2014.

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LOVE – the art of Beth Moore-Love documentary in Facebook.

Beth Moore Love interviewed by Jimmy Jazz.

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