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nuclear bomb

A good friend of mine gave me a link to this today:

Wire Services – US President George W. Bush promised Israel’s opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu that the United States will join the Jewish state in a nuclear strike against Iran, Israel Radio reported today.Former Prime Minister Netanyahu, opposition Likud party’s hardline chairman who opposes the US-backed Annapolis peace process, reiterated to President Bush his stance, that a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran’s nuclear installations was the only way to stop the Islamic nation’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

“I told him my position and Bush agreed,” Netanyahu told Israel Radio.

There is no direct quote to this but it would not surprise me if this is all true. Bush has used heavy rhetoric against Iran lately, again, sounding much like he did before the U.S. attacked Iraq. Is Iran a threat to world peace under known circumstances? This is arrogant and outrageous beyond words. While I certainly don’t think very positively about Iran, I think that the United States and Israel are much more a threat to the world peace nowadays. Who knows, maybe Bush and his administration can arrange one more “pre-emptive war” before the next U.S. presidential elections. Maybe Bush will have a chance to use a “nukyalar” weapon himself – for peace, of course.

It is a high time to impeach the most dangerous international terrorist and his vice president.

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