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Ladies and gentlemen, legendary the Mentors speak out!

For the beginning

If this interview could take place anywhere, anytime, where would we be doing this interview? What would be in your glass?

That is a great question! I am a student of history and so there are a lot of places and times from the past to choose from. I think doing the interview at a Roman orgy with Caligula with some nice wine in my glass would be a fun thing to do. Or at some location like the War room with Prime Mister Churchill during WWII with some brandy.

For those who for some odd reason don’t know about the Mentors, how would you describe the band? What are the Mentors all about?

The Mentors are a band that started in 1976 by myself (Steve Broy, aka Dr. Scum), El Duce (Eldon Hoke) and Sickie Wifebeater (Eric Carlson). We play heavy rock and roll with lyrics mostly about sex and other controversial topics. We started to do this when people sang about stupid things and also the music people played in many cases wasn’t that good also.

What do you think of heavy metal band nowadays?

Its is not as good as it was. There is too much de-tuning for my ears. The few good bands out there are old men. Music changes as time goes on and what sounds good to the young people does not sound good to the old people in most cases. I’m not young now, I am 56 years old and my taste is not what the kids listen to these days so much.

Who are the best and the worst put under that label and why?

The best heavy metal bands are Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Van Halen in my opinion. There have been many other good ones also besides these three. Kiss is a good band. As far as what is the worst heavy metal band, there are some ones not so good, but the worst heavy metal band is still far better than the best hip hop/rap act. So even bands I used to hate in the 80’s now I would listen to since there is nothing else right not. I never myself cared much for Twisted Sister or Def Leppard. However, I do not want to criticize any band, especially any rock band right now, because there are so few of them.

How you came up with the executioner hoods?

hoodsIt was the idea of our first drummer, El Duce, who liked horror movies, there was a movie called Mark of the Devil that he loved that showed men in hoods doing bad things. He thought this was great and wanted out band to wear hoods.

Have members of the KKK commented on your hoods at any time?

Yes, some Nazis and KKK people think we are with them because of this. Which we are not. The band is not a racist band and we have black and jewish friends. I don’t like racism I know some people who were big racists who grew out of it. Lets face it, the music we play came from black music, from black gospel church music. That is where rock and roll came from. So if you play rock music and you are a racist, you are maybe not knowledgeable.

What kind of ideas for live shows you’ve thought about that you haven’t manifested – maybe just yet?

Well, the budget for our shows is limited and so we do the best we can with no money. It would be nice to have sex on stage with some nice looking girls during a drum solo. Which has happened a few times.

How is the band politically inclined? Clearly, you are not conservatives and that you are politically incorrect in many people’s eyes. Do you vote? Who have you voted? What do you think of politics in general?

I can’t speak for the other members of the band; I don’t know what they think on this topic. Generally I am not with the conservatives since they usually don’t want people to have sex, watch porno, or smoke pot, plus they want to have wars. So I am for the political parties that are in favor of sex, drugs and not having war. I do vote and usually I would vote for the Democratic Party, which is left wing in USA. There is a philosophical difference between the right wing party and left wing, in which right wing claims they want to reduce taxes and government regulations. But the right wing party also wants people to go to jail for smoking pot and having sex, which I do not agree with. I do not like paying high taxes myself but I realize we have to pay something to the government.

I suppose you, as the kings of sleaze, watch porn. Favorite movies, magazines or actresses? Do you collect porn?

I like the Dirty Debutante series of porno movies by Ed Powers.

What are the best strip clubs around over there?

I am not so much into going to strip joints since the women try to strip the money from my wallet while they strip off their clothes. My wife used to be stripper though. I met her at the Ivar Theatre in Hollywood where El Duce worked as the light man and announcer. I like to watch nice ladies dance and strip to rock music but now they do not do that, it is rap music, and that is not good for me.

What are real men and women like?

To me real men and real women are people you can have an interesting conversation with. I like meeting people. When I was young I was very shy and would not talk to anybody but now I am very outgoing and friendly and enjoy people.

– – –

The El Duce years

elduceWhat was El Duce like? What he was like in person, in private?

El Duce was known to the public as a very funny and friendly person who like to drink alcohol. In private he struggled with being an alcoholic and tried to quit many times. Drinking too much is what led him to an early grave. He was a fantastic musician and loved to listen to music. He was somebody that had many friends, and was always fun to be around.

During the El Duce years the band appeared in the Jerry Springer Show and Hot Seat with Wally George. The interviews are now legendary. What happened outside of the camera? How were Jerry and now past George off the camera?

The Wally George interviews were fake, since Wally met with the band before the show and discussed with us what would be said once the show started. Wally was a very nice man. On camera he took on a different personality.

Can you tell us about some previously unheard stories about El Duce?

I’m saving the best ones for my book, a biography of El Duce, coming out in early 2015, called El Duce, The Truth is Funnier than Fiction.

In the mid 1990’s, El Duce claimed that Courtney Love had offered him $50,000 to kill her husband Kurt Cobain, whose death was ruled a suicide. What’s the truth behind all of this?

This is not true, it was a made up story to sell magazines. El Duce was paid to say this. But because Courtney love is so crazy, people think it is true. Even her own father used to call El Duce to discuss this with him.

How many replies you got to ”the dream date contest”? How people reacted to it?

Woman are dumb, but not that stupid. Nobody applied for this.

What is El Duce’s place in the history of rock ‘n’ roll?

You know, only the people in the future can say that. I think myself he did quite a bit to change the nature of lyrics use in rock music. We sang about topics that up until that time, nobody else would sing about. El Duce, myself and Sickie set our goal to become a great band, whose music would stand the test to time and outlive us all. Unfortunately when you set a goal like that, there is no way to know if you succeed or not.

– – –

After El Duce

mentors2How the band has changed after El Duce passed away?

We have kept going and keep doing new music. There is a big change of course because El Duce is not writing most of the lyrics. His lyrics were very good and it is hard to write lyrics as good as he did.

PMRC and some others have expressed bad feelings about your lyrics over the years. What are the highlights of this kind of actions thus far? Was it reading of Golden showers on the congressional floor? Do people and organizations give this kind of critique mostly online or do they have courage also to give the feedback in person?

Oh, some people will tell us to our face we are terrible. But over the years, people has sort of have gotten used to us, and maybe we are not as shocking as we once were. We didn’t invent Golden Showers; people were doing this kind of thing before the Mentors.

You have released eight albums thus far. Which one you consider your best and why?

Well we have done 8 Mentors albums, plus I have done a number of solo albums and also albums with El Duce and myself. I love them all; it is really hard to pick a favorite one. Maybe my favorite is El Duce/Booze and Broads.

What does the Mentors backstage rider include?

Red Wine, Perrier Water, and pizza usually.

What kind of groupies do the Mentors get nowadays? What kind of women are the Mentors fans?

Well, I am married so I’m not doing the groupie thing, but we do have women fans who are very nice. Some of them want to have sex with the band for sure. I have found that smart nice women are Mentors Fans and they show good taste in men by wanting to have sex with Mentors. They might have sex with the other guys in the band.

The wildest live shows you have done thus far? What have happened?

We have been playing shows for close of 40 years, so many crazy things have happened. Sex on stage, sex backstage, people in the band passing out, vomiting and fighting with each other. People getting stabbed, and killed. Many horrible things and many nice things also.

– – –

The Future

dirtyrottenpervertsWhat kind of future plans does the band have? New album in making? Are you going to Europe at some point? Have you been asked to play here in Finland yet? What kind of thoughts Finland brings to your mind?

Well, I don’t know about the Mentors album. I would like to do that, we will see. I write songs all the time and record them and release them, whether it is with Mentors or my solo band. I will be releasing a new solo album very soon, called Dr. Heathen Scum/Going Off Half Cocked.

As far as Finland, yes we want to play there. Maybe our dream will come true to play Finland in 2015. For anybody that wants to talk to me about it, write me at sbroy@aol.com or our booking agent Keith at keith@shredheadinc.com

Have you ever heard of Pekka Siitoin, a past Finnish devil worshipping neo-nazi cult figure and the national king of sleaze who wanted to be the first Finnish person to have sex with an space alien woman, who claimed to have had sex with over 800 women, and who did have sex in front of his followers, who made first amateur porn movies in the country, who appeared in numerous Finnish men’s magazines over the years and who called himself ”rivologi” (that roughly translates into ”pervologist”)?

No I did not hear about this person. He sounds interesting. I will look into it.

If you could pick any artist or band to play with you, who would you like to warm up for your gig?

Well, normally I don’t watch the opening bands at our shows because I’m not so interested. I like many bands however, the great rock bands, Led Zep, Stones, Iggy and the Stooges, Slade, the list can go on forever. If I had to pick one quickly, I would say The Rolling Stones.

There are some documentaries about the band done. Which one of them is the best thus far? Are there new ones in making?

To be honest, I’m not aware of any full-length documentaries on our band. We are making one right now with a lady named April Jones. You can see a trailer for it on YouTube. Search The Mentors Rockumentary.

– – –

Mesikämmen thanks Dr. Scum of the Mentors for the interview!

– – –


The Mentors in Facebook.

Mr. Wonderful.

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Maybe you have got this kind of pop up on your screen sometimes too. I wonder how many Americans seriously still think that the rest of the world think that the USA is “the best country” on Earth, that “they all want to be like us” and that “they all want to move in here”. If any of you reading this think so I tell you’re wrong. Big time. Do yourself a favor and wake up from that ridiculous American tunnel vision. Educate yourself a bit. The “freedom” and all the rest that Americans supposedly have in such a gold medal quality is just a gigantic illusion. Europeans for example are not very interested to “enjoy” the type of “freedom” and “quality” of life you can find from the States nowadays. I moved back to Europe from the States some years ago and I am really glad I did so. The country has turned into a monstrous fascist orwellian police state after 9/11. I really don’t want to live and work in the United States of America. Hell no.

I am also less and less interested to visit the country even as a tourist. The TSA alone secures this. If you haven’t heard the news, let me brief you a bit: The TSA is out of control, TSA forces mother in wheelchair to tears with “enhanced patdown”, TSA now putting hands down on flyers’ pants, Naked body scanner images improperly saved, Big sis caught lying to American people. If you are interested, there are tons of more news about this subject on the net. I find it somewhat unbelievable that TSA is angry because of the negative coverage they have got because of their deeds. What kind of idiots are these people, really?

Hey, anyone remember Stanford prison experiment? Sounds familiar? See any similarities with TSA staff?

Song for the day: America – Fuck yeah!

P.S. I don’t hate Americans. I have lots of friends there. But I think the way the States has turned out is just disgusting. I wish Americans can fix it. I really hope that.


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Mohammed at Cáfe Aisha

It was pretty interesting new situation a bit over two months ago. After South Park guys Trey Parker and Matt Stone had got some death threads over an episode that depicted Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, an American cartoonist Molly Norris presented an idea of ”Everybody draw Mohammed day”. That idea turned soon into a group in Facebook. And that created quite a big international fuss. The whole thing was on the news worldwide and in Pakistan Facebook became temporarily banned because of the group.

Earlier some cartoonists had drawn prophet Mohammed and raised some hell with it. Among these guys there are Swedish Lars Vilks, Danish Kurt Westergaard, and here in Finland in a smaller but still in noteworthy proportion Ville Ranta. Those artists were easy to target for those who wanted to critize or even to attack them. There was a name and face who to critize and confront. With ”Everybody draw a Mohammed day” it was all different. There were eventually over 100 000 members in the group from all over the world and an equally huge number of drawings and pictures of Mohammed contributed by them. There were no single name and address this time to point to for those who got mad about the idea of the group and of the drawings and pictures contributed in it. If angry muslims wanted to give some jihad to all of those who participated in drawing and in supporting the Facebook group, they were going to be damn busy. I bet it was really frustrating to them. No single face and name to target. No. This time there were over 100 000 of them. Worldwide.

I joined the Facebook group too. Not to my surprise there were lots of muslims as members in the group too. They were of course writing in defense of their religion of peace – often over-emotionally in all CAPITALS, in super bad English with tons of exclamation points and lovingly and routinely threatening non-muslim members of the group with hellfire and sometimes also with violence and death (I got two death threads myself due to the drawing of the prophet I contributed). Their logic and manners were not the best possible ones but I need to say that the mudslinging was equal from the other side too. I think it would have been good if there would have been a good team of moderators to keep the level of discussion up a bit more. It all slided pretty soon into not so intelligent ranting on both sides. Few of the more intelligent and reflective comments posted on the sites wall got really read because comments on the wall were just flowing really fast, tons of them. At that point we were at the inevitable confrontation point where real thinking of the cause of the group was more rare than irrationally spontaneous emotional response. Oh well, I saw it coming already in the beginning. But witnessing it all was still great – it was historic.

From the gates of Vienna the battle between Islam and Western culture had moved to the cyberspace. For the first time there were tons of soldiers on both sides at the same time, not just jihadist attacking some single western artists. Well, luckily it was not a real physical battle but more like a simultaneous keyboard-pressing mental masturbation about how one’s own side was better than the others.

What did we learn from all of it? I don’t know. To me there didn’t surface anything new. Muslims behaved just like I predicted them to behave and so did also those non-muslims who took part in the whole historic internet phenomena.

The world is smaller nowadays as the saying goes, because one small thing in one corner of the world affects much easier the whole world nowadays. This can be enriching but it can also be a curse. When it comes to Islam, it is inevitable, that there is this confrontation between the East and the West going on – because there is so much difference between the two in the world that just gets becoming smaller and smaller. If you want to read more of this you might want to check out Jihad Watch, Gates of Vienna or Scripta.

Just looking at the statistics of birthrates of muslims it seems that Europe has already been lost to Islam and that my and anyone elses critic against Islam here is a fight against windmills ala Don Quiote. No matter if we think that non-muslim European culture is better than muslim theocratic hellholes of Middle-East, we seem to have lost this fight here already. Some european politicians already recognize this sad fact. Looking at a bigger historic picture this blog posting and ideas presented in it are damn insignificant, I guess. But they are a voice from a still living culture, nonethless. Maybe something can still be done. This way or that way, I am a member of that culture and I will speak from that perspective. I think we will fight till the end.

It is natural that cultures change. It has always been the case. I have no problem with that. I just wish that cultures would change for something that I can recognize as better than what they used to be. But if sharia is becoming the law in greater areas of the world I see the future quite dark. I want to have a chance to see prophet Mohammed at Cáfe Aisha dreaming of a better tomorrow, where there are no stoning of women, no hanging of gays, where there is separation of religion and the state politics, and where underage girls are not forced to marriage and sex with older men. I think that would be reasonable and good. What do you think?

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