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I just saw a rather interesting movie and thought to write a bit about it.

Idiocracy (2006) is a a dystopian black comedy, directed by Mike Judge. It’s a story about a man and a woman who in the year 2005 are ordinary by their intellect and who take part to a secret military hibernation experiment that goes awry. The two wake up in 2505. During the 500 years that has passed the world they knew has turned into a big garbage pile populated by retarded people who live in very simplistic pleasures and pains. This is basically a result of smart people not reproducing and stupid people reproducing like rabbits during the centuries.

I think the story has potential to more than what the movie turned out to be. Still, this is an interesting, original and pretty funny (and in a way scary) piece, all in all. I think I haven’t seen a movie like this one before when it comes to the main themes of it. The themes of the movie offer good food for though. If you are a social darwinist you get some super ammunition from this movie to your worldview, but the same is true to a secular humanist who speaks for the need of a good general education and an awareness about dangers of big corporations and a media that is centralized into few hands. What ever your worldview is, you are most likely going to have some serious thoughts about the future the movie paints. Unless you live in an idiocracy, I guess.

Unlike anti-utopias The Brave New World of Aldous Huxley and 1984 of George Orwell, Idiocracy does not have totalitarian dimension in it at all. If Idiocracy would have the totalitarian dimension in it, the movie would have become much more realistic than it is now. This is the main thing this movie is missing in order to be a true classic in my books. But then, this was aimed to be a comedy, not a more realistic anti-utopia. The director Mike Judge is after all previously known for Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill. I wish that someone else will create a movie that combines the dumbing down of population and the totalitarian elements. That would have a potential to be the next really big movie among the classics of this kind.

When it comes to the real life and real development in the world today, both totalitarian and dumbing down of people-elements can be found. There are tons of examples of both, and I give you here just two of them to reflect on: Dumbing down of America (free pdf.-book about America’s education system) and Alex Jones’ Endgame – the blueprint for global enslavement. Well, let’s take also third one here: Fox News – that is also featured in the movie and for a good reason. I am sure you can come up with much more than that as certainly as you can find family members represented in Idiocracy from your neighbohour today.

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