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I made an interview with Gerhard Hallstatt earlier this year. Among other things I asked Gerhard about his book Blutleuchte. If you want to have a good introduction to the following brief book review, I recommend you to read the interview.

Blutleuchte is a compilation of Gerhard Hallstatt’s writings from the 90’s. The texts appeared originally in Gerhard’s pre-internet era Aorta and Ahnstern publications, which were ”home-made bi-lingual booklets done with typewriter, copying machine, and stapler”, to quote Ph.D. Joscelyn Godwin who wrote foreword to the book. Twenty nine issues of Aorta and Ahnstern were published altogether.

The 324-page book is a nice, stylish hardcover, not a product of ”kitchen-table industry” like the original publications. The English edition of the book, published by :AJNA:, is printed on soft recycled paper with wine red and chestnut brown text. Binding is in red cloth and on the front cover there is a duo-tone inset photo. The book contains sixteen pages of b/w-photos from Gerhard’s archives.

The book’s description contains the following info on its contents:

– – –

photoplates2Foreword by Joscelyn Godwin

Lucifer Rising: Kenneth Anger

Konnersreuth- Therese Neumann and her bleeding stigmata.

Night of the Stigmata- the pagan drums of Calanda.

Anubis- focusing on one art performance of Joseph Bueys.

Schwarzkogler- of the Aktionists, including an interview with Hermann Nitsch.

Karl Maria Wiligut.

Katharsis- The Search for Otto Rahn.

Castel del Monte.

Corneliu Codreanu.

The Blue Light: Leni Riefenstahl.

Montsegur- the Cathar caste.

Z’ev- rhythmajik; with an interview.

Storm Songs- Gardner, Clutterbuck and the witches who kept Hitler from attacking Great Britian.

Blutleuchte- Alfred Schuler and his cult of the Blutleuchte.

Leonora- Max Ernst’s lover and muse.

photoplates3Blood Axis- with an interview with Michael Moynihan.

Oskorei- the article that originally appeared in Lords of Chaos, including an interview with Varg Vikernes.

Viktor Schauberger- “green visionary”, “technosophical revolutionary”, flying disc pioneer.

Lucifer Rising- an interview with Kenneth Anger.

Baptism of Fire- Ernst Jünger.

Hidden World.

Heidnat : Heathan Homeland.

Brown Magic- a scatological piece.

Field of Force- crop circles.

Feathered Dreams- a psychdelic journey brough on my “narrische Schwammerln”.

Andreas Epp- flying discs, UFO’s, BMW and strange alliances after WWII.

Blutleuchte should be viewed as a meta-historical compendium. The book becomes a romantic vision of Gerhard’s own personal take on many topics that have inspired many and grown into popular themes within the industrial, neo-folk, heathen and black metal underworlds.

Gerhard’s research, along with magical-mystery tours to various cultic sites and interviews with prime players in the world of art, music and culture, culminate in a passionate narrative drawn from primary documents, heretical and sacred writings, philosophical treatises, psychotropic experimentations, and experiential learning.

The book works through Gerhard’s enthusiasms for various persons and movements, religious sites, architectural accomplishments, natural mysteries, celebratory festivals and scientific advancements.

– – –

Throughout the book there is a strong and evident current against what Gerhard calls Panzermaterialismus. He explains the word in a footnote: “Panzermaterialismus – A word I invented. There used to be the term Panzerkommunismus – for communists conquering the world not with ideology but with the power of tanks. Panzer means tank. It is a metaphor for a brutal capitalism/materialism”.

Gerhard is an artist who seeks beyond the mere material, evident reality. The articles reflects this in fine descriptions of subjective experience in Gerhard’s search. The articles are a fascinating record of a romantic, esoterically inclined seeker. Those who share this spark with Gerhard will find this book very inspiring. Those who are familiar with Gerthard’s music will get a whole new dimension to it with what this book contains.

This is a unique and beautiful book. I highly recommend it.


– – –


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