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I was thinking about Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s famous opening words to his 1830 novel Paul Clifford as I arrived to the Helsinki railway station around 6 PM. It was a dark night and sonically it was going to be pretty stormy too. Boyd Rice, who I had interviewed recently, was in Finland, for the first time ever.

I met Halthan, a darkly dressed gentleman, at the station. There were about two hours till doors of Kuudes linja opened so we had plenty of time to talk about the States, far right, Finnish police, growing chilis, noise music, Finnish punk and metal scene’s history, Leila K., Camilla Henemark of the Army of Lovers, Pekka Siitoin, nazis in general, anal sex and golden showers in Kauko Röyhkä’s novels, languages, recent Merzbow gig and Halthan’s forthcoming Siitoin-themed album over a cup of coffee.

I ordered a glass of cranberry juice. Halthan joyously informed me that it was good for the health of a urinary tract – we are not that young anymore, you know! Yes, time flies.

– – –

We were early at Kuudes linja. People started to flood in pretty soon after doors opened. Lots of old and new friends. Some asked me if I had copies of Nauravat natsit to sell. I needed to inform them that I didn’t have any extra copies anymore and that it looked like that also the publisher had run out of his copies. Apparently also distributors were running out of their copies very soon. The release has become an instant collectors item in less than two weeks.

I was glad to receive positive feedback about the blog from people I knew as well as from complete strangers – sober, drunk, and very drunk. Thanks again.

It was evident, not surprisingly, that many who find past Pekka Siitoin as an intriguing figure are interested in Boyd Rice’s doings as well. There certainly are certain common themes and elements of provocation here, regardless of many differences between these men. I was in good company.

– – –

The group that did warm up to Boyd’s gig was called Sink. I had not heard of them before and I missed most of their gig due to talking with people. Based on what I saw and heard they weren’t that bad. You can find them from here.

Boyd’s gig started with some intro music and film, which was followed by Total war. I guess I was not alone being surprised to hear it as the opening track for the whole gig, but well, some artists do things differently and break the common rules. The normal way would of course have been to place the big hit as the last one or as an encore in the set. Looking at the gig now later, we were lucky that Boyd placed the track in the beginning and not in the end of the set due to technical trouble that took place later.

We heard old songs and new songs. Overall, I think the gig reflected Boyd’s new release Back to Mono. In the CD’s insert Boyd tells that:

Back to Mono represents a return to my roots. It represents a re-exploration of my first love: noise. I was intrigued to see if after thirty years I could revisit my original source of inspiration and still bring something new to the table. I think I have.

If in the past Boyd has used instruments like rotoguitar, this time he brought to the stage some fairly large electronic construction tool. I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear if that instrument ended up on the stage because Boyd saw some construction workers using it outside the venue earlier during the day and asked them if he could lend it for the show. That is more than plausible.

Pekka Siitoin fans in the audience were heard between some tracks. If my memory does not fail me, I heard someone shouting Helllvetin hyvä!, Jawohl, katkase! and Jaska, parveke auki! Guys from Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys claimed later that I could be considered responsible for these interruptions due to my Siitoin related “cultural work”.

At some point someone cut the cheese in front of me in the packed audience. Next two guys next to me took poppers. I wondered what would happen next… and then Boyd’s equipment said kaput. Boyd stepped out from the stage leaving sound waving fairly loud upon the audience. I was thinking that the sound would develope into feedback mode soon and that this was all intentional part of the show. It wouldn’t have been the first time Boyd would have tested audiences ears. But well, it soon became clear that there was some serious technical problem. I was instantly reminded of what I had read about Boyd’s gig in Moscow just three days earlier. There were some trouble with microphones and such.

Boyd didn’t stop the gig there, though. He told that he could still read us some poetry. The audience cheered. We heard Nursery rhymes from mother goose, Two little blackbirds, Birds of a feather, Alone with the calm, How God makes little girls and Silence is golden. The gig was over.

– – –

I had an honor to meet the man already before the gig and I got invited backstage afterwards. There were some people shaking hands with Boyd and asking records and copies of Twilight Man autographed. Albert Witchfinder from the past Reverend Bizarre was one among them. He was a bit tipsy and told Boyd he looks much better nowadays than in his youth. Boyd seemed amused.

I had noticed during the gig that someone was filming the event with professional equipment. The same guy was now backstage starting an interview with Boyd. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized that the guy was from YLE, Finland’s national public service broadcasting company. Some parts of the interview could be summarized somewhat like this:

YLE: Do you want to total war?
Boyd: No, no, I was young when I wrote the lyrics…
YLE: You are very interested in satanism…
Boyd: No, no…
YLE: You are very political…
Boyd: NOOOO! No, no!

The rest of the interview dealed with Boyd’s style, American politics, and so on. The whole interview wasn’t so bad as it sounds like from the above summarization. I hope YLE will actually air that interview some day. Here is a little sample I filmed of it.

When the interview was finished the YLE journalist asked me to take a photo of him with Boyd. Instead of saying “smile” before pressing the button I said ”why the feminist crossed the street?”… to which Boyd replied ”…to suck my dick!” The journalist looked a bit perplexed but I think the photo turned out nice.

I didn’t do an interview with Boyd this time but we talked of lots of things. Australian cover bands, such as Björn Again, time before the internet, handwritten letters, rare movies, San Francisco and it’s Chinatown and mafia, Boyd’s Moscow gig. He told he had not had time to visit the architect Saarinen museum, something which he would have liked. Instead he had just slept in his hotel room after arriving to Finland. His next stop is Poland and London follows after that.

Two gentlemen from Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys who had promised me a ride back to Turku entered the room. Our driver told me that we should be going soon. Around that time a girl who had handled Boyd’s merchandice brought Boyd a new bottle of wine because the previous one was stolen. At this point the other gentleman from Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys, not the driver, somewhat under the influence of alcohol, asked from Boyd pointing towards the fridge: Are you going to drink these beers now too that you got a bottle of wine?

Boyd smiled, made a graceful hand gesture and said: No, so please, have Boyd’s beer if you want some! Well, we did and the discussion continued…

Thanks for the gig, talks and beer, Boyd!

– – –


Boyd Rice Speaks!

– – –

Boyd Rice live at Kuudes Linja 6th November 2012 video: pt. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Boyd Rice live at Kuudes Linja 6th November 2012 photos:

Video and photos by Mesikämmenen blogi.

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Boyd Rice 2012. Photo: Mute Records.

I had my first contact with Boyd Rice in the early 90’s after hearing his appearance in Bob Larson’s radio show. I wrote a letter to Boyd (there were no emails or internet in general use back then) who replied and kindly sent me a copy of Abraxas newsletter.

Years passed. The last year Boyd declared that the Church of Satan was dead. Soon after that I made an interview with Larry Wessel who had made a documentary film called Iconoclast about Boyd. At this point I was already thinking that an interview with Boyd would be great and the idea was cooking up.

Finally, after some 20 years since my first contact with Boyd, I contacted him again. He was fine about an interview to the blog and I started to make questions. The interview was made one question at a time over some two months. When the interview began I had no idea about Boyd’s upcoming gig in Helsinki, Finland – that created a whole new dimension to the interview!

In the interview Boyd talks about his current projects, the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, Bob Larson, Iconoclast, pranks, reincarnation, Scandinavia, ABBA, Finland, architect Eero Saarinen and many other things.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Boyd Rice speaks!

– – –


Hi Boyd, how are you doing?

I couldn’t be better. Just redecorated my apartment and painted my black walls metallic silver. It took weeks, but it’s amazing! Life is good. My girlfriend is moving in with me and we’re making room for her shoes.

If this interview could take place anywhere, anytime, where would you take us to talk?

I used to know a french scholar who had the keys to Jean Cocteaus apartment in Paris, and it hadn’t been touched since Cocteau died and this guy really wanted me to see it. That would be the fetishistic fantasy place. Unfortunately this guy got some deadly disease and ended up killing himself. So I guess my modern answer would be my own apartment here in Denver. Or perhaps The Madonna Inn.

There is a new book out from you, Twilight Man. Tell us about the book, what is it about, where to get a copy?

It is about my life in 80’s San Francisco and how I came to develop a sense of “cultural pessimism”, I guess. It hasn’t gotten a bad review insofar as I know. People find it a fun read, even though it is ugly and brutal.

You can get it on the internet or just ask God for a copy…

There is also a biography under work about you. Who is the author, when can we expect to get the book into our hands?

Nina Antonia. Her Johnny Thunders bio is being made into a movie in Hollywood, so maybe someday when I’m dead there will be a movie too. We can hope…

Talking a bit more about books, you are one of the authors who have been ripped off by Creation Books. What do you think, will there be any chance of getting “James Williamson” to court to face justice for the fraud he has committed?

I seriously doubt it.

What is the most interesting book you have read lately? Why it was interesting?

The last book I read was the Nina Antonia bio of Johnny Thunders. It was interesting because his life was interesting and because Nina’s a great writer and brings a lot of insight to her subject-matter.

– – –

Boyd with Anton LaVey. Photo: Carl Abrahamsson.

Church of Satan

How your first meeting with past Anton LaVey went? Where did you meet, any special jokes, wisdoms, or other notes about the meeting to share with us?

Anton met me at a film festival I was associated with and invited me to his house. I went over the following week and went back every week until I left the city. The stories he told me are all in his bio, which was essentially dictated to Blanche as he told them to me.

You wrote the last year a text where you declared yourself a High Priest of the Church of Satan and in the same text you also declared that the Church of Satan doesn’t exist anymore. This naturally caused some talk. I haven’t seen any reply from the Church to you regarding the text anywhere but I guess you have been receiving some feedback privately. What kind of feedback you have received? Has Peter H. Gilmore said anything about your text?

Of course not. Gilmore is a pussy. Everyone in the C.o.S. loves me and are bored to death of him and he knows it. Anton had a very dark heart and it sickens me to see people whitewash him and present his creed as pure rationalism. He was larger than that.

Rationalism and mysticism cannot co-exist. The latter speaks to soul oriented values and to the unknown (which man is trying to fathom). The former is a conceit that lets man think he has a handle on everything (he doesn’t). I would go so far as to say rationalism is the ultimate lack of logic. It certainly has no place in “occult” doctrine.

I think it’s easy for Gilmore to misrepresent LaVey because he didn’t really know him too well. I was at the Blackhouse all the time.

I think it’s easy for Gilmore to misrepresent LaVey because he didn’t really know him too well. I was at the Blackhouse all the time. That’s why I will defend Anton till the day I die, and that’s why I take the stance I do on the modern C.o.S…

I heard from a scholar of comparative religions the last year that Gilmore works or has been working in a Walmart, in a not so high position, while holding the status of the High Priest of the Church of Satan. I think there is nothing that special in someone working in a Walmart per se, but if someone is a High Priest of a church that is, or gives an impression of being, all about “might is right” and power in this world, this seems a bit amusing. Do you know if the claim is true? What kind of thoughts this brings to your mind in general?

I seriously doubt that is true, but a lot of people with a power philosophy have to punch a time-clock, that’s just the nature of the world. At least they have the notion of rising above that and in time perhaps they will. But anyone wishing to criticise Gilmore needn’t tell lies about his job… but rather point out how he’s bastardizing ASLV’s thought.

What do you think Anton would think of Gilmore and others who run the Church of Satan nowadays? What would he say to them?

Much what he said to me when he was still alive – that they were what Stalin called “useful idiots”. He’d hate people trying to cast him in a “good light”. He often said to me that he wondered why Satanists wanted to present him as a Good Guy. “I’m not a good guy” he would yell, “I’m a miserable sonofabitch!” That’s the LaVey I knew.

And he was much darker, very much darker than anyone is willing to admit these days. He was brutal to the max. That’s why I still love him so much… he was maybe the last unapologetic figure of the 20th century.

Whether LaVey agreed or not Satanism was a cult of personality. C.o.S. sans LaVey is like fascism without Mussolini… and a cult of personality requires someone who has a personality. It currently lacks that.

Whether LaVey agreed or not Satanism was a cult of personality. C.o.S. sans LaVey is like fascism without Mussolini… and a cult of personality requires someone who has a personality. It currently lacks that.

I think LaVey’s big mistake was to violate one of his primary directives… to assume others are like unto you and capable of the same things as you are. And they’re not. Elitism is not something you should mass-market. You can of course and it will be very successful. But it will never work out. That to me, with certain notable exceptions, is The Church of Satan today. I hope this will be my last commentary on all this. And I’d be willing to bet they wish the same!

What do you think of satanism nowadays? Has it lost its potential it once had? Do you still consider yourself a satanist – or is there nowadays a better, more updated term to describe the same individual spirit?

I rarely ever “think of satanism” unless asked about it in interviews. But since you asked, I think it is fundamentally flawed in certain of it’s basic premises. I don’t agree with the primacy of individualism any more than I believe that all men were created equal. If individualism existed (which I seriously doubt) I’m not sure what function it would serve. This was an idea which had great appeal in the post-50’s decade of conformity, but has since then not produced much of value in real world terms — more especially in the C.o.S. where it is a fundamental principle. And within that group everyone dresses alike, speaks alike and thinks alike… all based on a mass-market paperback from, what, 40-some years ago?! Am I missing something?

I rarely ever “think of satanism” unless asked about it in interviews. But since you asked, I think it is fundamentally flawed in certain of it’s basic premises.

By the way, I said much the same thing to LaVey when he was still alive, and he had to concur with me. He found it rather depressing. His exact words were “I’ve created a monster”.

– – –

Iconoclast and things involved

Larry Wessel made a lenghty documentary Iconoclast about you that came out the last year. What do you think of the film?

Four hours of me me me has got to be great by anyones standards. But again, it was an attempt to whitewash me and present me as Mr. Fun. That is part of the story, but not the whole story. But most people seemed to like it.

I noticed that you bought and used in the film some nasal snuss. What is your favorite brand? How about the regular “under-your-lip”-type of snuss that you can get f.e. in Sweden and Norway?

I like Gawith Apricot Snuff, Dr. Rumneys, & McCrystals Violet Snuff. Don’t care for chewing tobacco or dental snuff.

I also like Al Capones Vanilla Snuff, which I’ve only ever found in the Leipzig train station.

One of the things that comes to mind from the film is the great spectrum of things where you have been involved with artistically and otherwise over the years. Is there something that you still would have liked been included in the film or excluded from it?

I’m not particularly bothered either way. That film is from two years ago at least and not me or anyone remembers what was or wasn’t in it. At least it wasn’t boring.

One of the more surprising things in the film were your thougths about reincarnation – you said in your talk with Bob Larson that you consider nowadays that a reincarnation might be possible. Do you still think that way? What has made you to consider that reincarnation might be possible?

I’ve always known things that I’ve never been taught. At a very young age my son said to me “when you were a child I was a man, now I’m a child and you’re my father”. This seemed quite odd to me at the time. When I visited my fathers sister a week later I told her of this conversation, and showed her a picture of my son. She said that the strange red marks my son was born with on his nose were identical to the scars on my grandfathers nose that he got when his model T truck was driven over a cliff. This sort of thing is very common in tales of reincarnation. As a child I had very specific memories of things and places I had never experienced. When I asked my parents why I had these memories they told me they were probably only dreams, but I knew they weren’t.

I’ve always known things that I’ve never been taught.

I still think ideas like genetic memory or ancestral recall are valid, at least in some cases, but my actual theories about reincarnation are too complex to explain in a format like this.

Bob Larson is featured in the film among many other persons. Your encounter with him in the film is pretty different from the early 90’s radio shows where he interviewed you. Has your view of Bob changed during this time? Do you think Bob really believes in the stuff he talks about or is he really like P.T. Barnum, as you once stated in his radio show?

Bob has been extremely consistent ever since he published his first book, in around 1970 or something. I don’t think you can fake something like that for over 40 years. I met his father one time and he was a True Believer. Of course Bob is a showman and understands how to play his audience. So was Anton LaVey… and P. T. Barnum. Nothing wrong with that!

What do you think of teenage girl exorcists Bob has apparently trained into the job? Is Bob a little bit dirty old man or is this just about the showman part you mentioned?

I think it’s pure showmanship. But it would make a good premise for a TV show — a sort or christian Charlies Angels.

In the film you tell about some of the pranks you have done, for example the famous goat head prank. What do you consider as your best pranks ever? Who are your favorite pranksters alive nowdays?

We snuck into a good friends house and left a bottle of maple syrup in his refrigeratator. It came in a bottle shaped like an old woman, and the incident totally freaked him out. He began carrying a gun with him everywhere the very next day. But the best pranks are when you draw someone into an absurd world of your own making and your fantasy becomes their reality, even if just for a short time. Therefore, the best pranksters now are mainstream politicians because that is their full time job. They are the best, because they’re the best conmen, but not necessarily my favorites.

– – –

Scandinavia, ABBA, Finland and the future

NON gave a live show in Norway the last year. How was it? 

It was great. A lot of people from Finland traveled there to see it and a lot came to my show at The Roundhouse in London. I am looking forward to my visit there. See you soon.

You are an ABBA fan. What’s cool about ABBA? Do you have a big ABBA collection?

I have enough obscure ABBA songs that I could put together an entire album… songs that the band didn’t really release because they considered them imperfect or too weird. But of course the worst ABBA song is better than the best songs from a lot of bands. I wanted to cover them and put out an album called ABBA LEAD (as opposed to ABBA GOLD). I pitched the idea to Rose McDowall, but she didn’t seem interested. Shame… because that could have been huge.

The worst ABBA song is better than the best songs from a lot of bands.

That is a shame, indeed! Maybe she will change her mind about the project one day… I think you would make a fabulous cover of “Waterloo” and “Does your mother know” with maybe a bit changed lyrics. What do you think of this in addition of making covers of ABBA’s more obscure songs?

Don’t ask. None of this will ever happen anyway.

You are going to have a concert in Helsinki on 6th of November this year. This is the first time you’ll have a concert in Finland. What are you expecting and hoping from your visit here? How long you’ll stay here, any places you plan to visit, etc.? What kind of associations Finland brings to your mind?

I met people in London who flew all the way from Finland to see my show at the Roundhouse, and more people in Norway who did the same. So I’m looking forward to my trip there and have wanted to see it for a long time.

I recently met the daughter of Saarinen, and found out there is some sort of Saarinen museum just outside Helsinki… I’d love to see that and anything connected with the man or his family. He’s my favorite architect.

What kind of projects you are working with nowadays? What can we expect from you in some near future?

Most of this year I’ve been working on a book of my art for a British publisher — paintings, photos, montages & graphic design. It’s nearly done. Later this year a number of my essays are coming out in Outre Journal out of Australia. I also just filmed some scenes for Richard Wolstencroft’s new film The Second Coming, which is based on the poem by William Butler Yeats. I just returned from NYC where I spent time in the studio recording some new stuff. So I keep busy…

What makes you happy?

Animals make me happy… prairie dogs, foxes, squirrels and cats… coatis, bunnies, capybaras and kiwis.

But I still love consternation. I still love pissing people off. I love knowing that my very existence causes certain people great discomfort. And they deserve it… in spades!

– – –

Thank you for the interview, Boyd!

Boyd Rice will perform at Kuudes Linja in Helsinki on 6th of November. You can buy tickets to the concert from Tiketti. Facebook page for the event can be found from here.

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Siinä, että Leo Meller saapuu kaupunkiin, on aina jotain elämää suurempaa. Luvassa on aina rautaisan karismaattinen ja maskuliininen show, joka pistää mummoilla sydänmentahdistajat hakkaamaan villisti ja ruskeat tukisukkahousut savuamaan. Miehille Meller antaa arkkityyppisen mallin siitä, millainen on väkevä evankelista joka taistelee Jumalan puolesta läpeensä rappeutuneessa ja syntisessä maailmassa näin lopunaikoina. Leo Meller ja Suomen Siion on niitä artisteja, joista mm. Helsingin Sanomat ja Kirkko & Kaupunki ovat meitä vuosien varsilla varoittaneet. Turhaan ei Melleriä edelleen lasketa maamme rajun kristillisen undergroundin ykkösartistiksi. Maanantai-illan kuvia kumartelematon show Turun VPK:n talolla osoitti sen jälleen.

Jeesuksen Nimessä kerjään Sinua tulemaan tilaisuuteen JO KELLO 17. Olet velkaa itsellesi ja rakkaillesi kuulla Herran antaman sanoman.

Jos edellisvuotena viimeksi kokemani Mellerin keikka Turussa oli silkkaa rautaa, niin tämänkertaisesta keikasta saattoi jo etukäteen odottaa jotain vielä huimempaa. Patmoksen sivuilla kun oli ennen keikkaa seuraava kryptinen tiedotus, jonka perusteella osasi odottaa erityisen vaikuttavaa settiä:

TURKU – Ajankohtainen ja karismaattinen patmosilta, vieraana tri SAMUEL MAHER.

Pyhä Henki antoi minulle maanantai-iltaan sanoman, jonka kaltaista en koskaan ole tuonut julki. Jos suinkin mahdollista, Jeesuksen Nimessä kerjään Sinua tulemaan tilaisuuteen JO KELLO 17. Olet velkaa itsellesi ja rakkaillesi kuulla Herran antaman sanoman. Yliampumatta uskallan sanoa: sanoma vaikuttaa tulevaisuuteesi syyskuusta alkaen” LEO MELLER.

Varsinaisessa illan ohjelmassa alkaen klo 19 kanssamme on Kairon Patmossairaalan ylilääkäri SAMUEL MAHER ja hänen tiiminsä. Näitten ystävien palvelutyössä jopa kuolleita herää! Ihmeellisiä parantumisia tapahtuu. Tri Maher on taitava lääkäri ja vaikuttava, innoittava Raamatun opettaja. Tule ja koe oma ihmeesi.


Pelkästään yllä oleva teksti osoittaa eräästä kulmasta sen, miksi Meller on niin valovoimainen artisti. Hänen tulkintakykynsä on ilmiömäistä. Miettikääpä nyt, niin yllä mainitussa kuin monessa muussakin asiassa, Meller vetää kosmisesta hatustaan toinen toistaan villimpiä profetioita, varoituksia, kytköksiä asioiden välillä yms. ja aloittaa niiden pohjilta tilaisuuksia, kampanjoita (viimeisimpinä mm. Aktio Joosef, Totuusaktio Israel ja Rukousrintama Suomen ja Israelin puolesta), yms., ja myy koko paketin faneilleen, jotka ovat kerta toisensa jälkeen haltioissaan tarjotusta inspiroivan tuoreesta näkökulmasta ja visiosta, mikä se sitten milloinkin on. Tähän liittyy myös Mellerin uusiutumiskyky, vaikka hän samoja teemoja periaatteessa vuosikymmenestä toiseen kierrättääkin. Erään kristillisen kirpputorin kassatäti totesi kerran eräälle ystävälleni tämän ostaessa pariakymmentä Meller-kasettia tukkuhintaan, että tämä on kyllä aika hurjaa materiaalia… ja tähän voi jäädä koukkuun. Mielestäni tuo kuvaa Mellerin karismaa ja taitoja viihdyttäjänä varsin hyvin.

Tämä on kyllä aika hurjaa materiaalia… ja tähän voi jäädä koukkuun.

Mellerin genre on monella tapaa vaativa, mm. sen vuoksi, että hänen esittämät tulkinnat eivät kerta kaikkiaan toimisi genretietoisille faneille ilman artistin timantinkovaa itsevarmuutta. Ja sitähän Mellerillä on. Jos hänellä ei sitä olisi, ei hän pystyisi myymään yleisölleen rajuja omia tulkintojaan edellä mainitun kaltaisesti toteamalla: “Olet velkaa itsellesi ja rakkaillesi kuulla Herran antaman sanoman”. Tähän ei kuka tahansa pysty. Mutta Meller pystyy, koska hänellä on erikoiskyky kertoa, mitä Jumalalla on meille asiaa. Profeetalliseen lopun ajan Siion-genreen kuuluu sekin haasteellisuus, että on osattava vyöryttää uusia visioita niin, että aiemmat toteutumattomat ennustukset yms. eivät jää kuulijoita vaivaamaan. Meller on onnistunut tässä jo monet kerrat, ja epäilemättä hän onnistuu siinä taas uudelleen, mm. nyt kuumimpana hittinä olevan Israelin tilanten kanssa.

Patmoksen sivuilla ei tämän kertaisen Turun keikan varsinaista teemaa suoraan kerrottu, mutta se paljastui paikallislehdestä: Paljastaako Israelin Jumala miekan pakanakansoja vastaan YK:ssa 20.9.2011 – mikä on Suomen kohtalo ennustusten valossa? Asiasta uutisoitiin keikan edellä myös Leo Meller Fan Clubin sivuilla.


Itse keikka polkaistiin Turun VPK:lla käyntiin täsmällisesti ajallaan. Koska Meller on suuri nimi, niin hän tietysti tarvitsee itselleen lämppärin, vaikka toimisikin itse pääartistin lämppärinä. Mellerin lämmittelystä vastasi Patmoksen levymerkille työskentelevä Pirkko Säilä.

Säilän setti oli lyhyt mutta iskevä. Introna kuultiin jo aiemmilta kerroilta tutuksi tullut Turkuun on niin ihana tulla, kun tänne tulee, on sellainen olo kuin tulisi kotiin. Jostain syystä tästä muistui mieleeni kauppatorin vieressä, yökerho Börsin sisäänkäynnin tienoilla oleva arvoituksellinen seinäreliefi, jossa Daavidin tähdellä koristeltu laiva kyntää merta purjeet pullollaan. Onko Turku Suomen Siionin salaisia voimapisteitä? Tätä ei Säilä kertonut.

Intron jälkeen lämppärin setti koostui Patmoksen uusimpien tuotteiden mainostamisesta. Eräästä Patmoksen myymästä kirjauutuudesta luettiin näytteeksi ohjeita kristityille. Ohjeisiin kuului mm. se, että kanssauskovaisten väärintekemisistä, synneistä, ei saanut puhua ei-uskovaisille. Nämä sanat jäivät päähäni soimaan Säilän setistä parhaiten. Kävin myöhemmin katsomassa Patmoksen merchandisen keikkapaikan takaosassa. Kirjoja ja CD-levyjä oli reilusti, mutta bändipaitoja ei ensimmäistäkään. Kauppa kävi hyvin.

Meller astui lavalle huolettomassa asussa, lyhythihaisessa paidassa, jonka hän oli jättänyt tumman harmaiden housujen päälle. Asuvalinta oli hämäävä, sillä itse setti oli kaikkea muuta kuin huoleton ja kepeä. Mellerin maanantai-illan setti oli rankin, mitä olen hänen nähnyt koskaan esittävän. Esityksen sisältö oli hyvin raskasta ja mustaa, mikä tietysti heijastelee aikoja, joita nyt elämme. Raskautensa ja mustuutensa puolesta tämä Mellerin setti oli tyylisuunnaltaan ehkä raskainta lopunaikojen verbaalista unblack metallia, mitä maassamme on koskaan esitetty. Stryper-faneilta menee tällaista materiaalia kuunnellessa kurat housuun.

Pakanakansat vs. Israel

Heti setin alkuun tehtiin selväksi, mistä on kyse. Israel on pakanakansojen uhkaamana, ja tämä heittää ei ainoastaan Israelin, vaan koko maailman ylle suuren synkän pilven. Maailmantilanne sai artistin erittäin herkkään ja intensiiviseen iskuun jo keikan alkumetreillä. Kuten tiedämme, kuuluu Mellerin vakiosettiin aina tavalla tai toisella Israel ja lähes aina myös lopunajat. Tällä kertaa nämä kummatkin olivat setissä korostetun vahvasti läsnä.

Me elämme lopunajan viimeisiä päiviä.

Keikan ensimmäiset osat avasivat tulevaa YK:n yleiskokousta väkevän raamatullisesti. Meller esitti, että YK:n seuraava yleiskokous, 66. sellainen, ei ole sattumalta 66… luvussa on yhtä 6:sta vaille ihmisen luku 666, mikä tarkoittaa tietysti sitä, että me elämme lopun ajan viimeisiä päiviä. Näissä lopun ajan tapahtumissa Israel näyttelee tietysti hyvää roolia, ja Palestiina taas pahaa roolia. Palestiinan itsenäisen valtion tunnustaminen (myös niiden maiden osalta, jotka eivät näin ole vielä tehneet, Suomi ja USA mukaanlukien) on Mellerin mukaan helvetillinen siirto maailman shakkilaudalla, ja sellaista ei saisi tapahtua. Kappaleessaan YK 666 Meller esitti palestiinalaisten esittämää pilkkaa juutalaisista varsin dramaattisin sanoin: Ja yksikään juutalainen ei koskaan enää tule tuon meidän pyhän vuoren juurelle… jälkeen YK:n 66. yleiskokouksen synti ja saasta nimeltä juutalaiset ja Israel pyyhitään pyhältä maalta!

Tässä vaiheessa keikkaa huomasin, että jopa Mellerin Raamatuin ja muistikirjoin varustautuneet die hard -fanit ottivat rohkaisevaa ryyppyä ja nitroa kului. Ja keikka oli vasta alkanut!

Toinen mieleen jäänyt numero keikan alkupuoliskolta oli biisi nimeltä Valkoisen talon www-sivut. Yhteiskunnallisesti kantaaottavissa sanoissa Meller kritisoi sitä, että Valkoisen talon www-sivuilla on jo pitkään oltu mainitsematta, että Jerusalem on Israelin pääkaupunki!… Jerusalem on ryöstetty palestiinalaisille! Tällä Meller antoi tietysti ymmärtää, että USA jo valmistelee osaltaan Palestiinan valtion tunnustamista.

Kappale esitteli myös teeman, joka kantoi hienosyisesti läpi koko loppusetin, nousten esiin aika ajoin: Israelin pyhä Jumala aloittaa siivoamisen omasta talostaan! Meller lauloi: Sillä katso, siitä kaupungista alkaen, joka on otettu minun nimiini, minä aloitan onnettomuuden tuottamisen! Sen sijaan, että Meller olisi selvästi avannut, mitä tämä tarkoittaa, hän suhteessa tarinankulun loogisuuteen esitti yllättäen aivan huiman armolahjoja koskevan soolon, jossa oli jazzahtavaa vivahdetta sikäli, että siinä vedeltiin aivan omissa sfääreissä, silti maastoutuen hienosti kappaleen pohjalla kulkevaan rytmiin. Veikkaan, että vähemmän teologiaan perehtynyt yleisö ei ymmärtänyt soolon hienouksista yhtään mitään, mutta hyvin tämäkin osio näytti silti yleisöön uppoavan.

Meller oli jo keikan tässä vaiheessa osoittanut monipuolista skaalaa niin vokaaleissa (aina syvästä surusta ja tuskasta tuliseen ja vimmaiseen paatokseen asti) kuin lavaliikehdinnässäkin – tämä oli tietysti tuttua ja taidokasta Melleriä. Kokonaisuudessaan keikan alkuosio oli sävyiltään erittäin monipuolinen, mieleen tuli niin kristitty doom metal kuin kristitty emogoottirock, pääpainon ollessa selvästi jo mainitussa verbaalisessa unblack metallissa.

Taivaassa on jo usean kuukauden ajan soitettu shofar-torvia, ja vain ympärileikatut Jumalan valitut voivat sen äänen kuulla.

30 rabbia oli selvä täytebiisi, mutta ei millään muotoa yhdentekevä. Kappale kertoi 30 rabbista, jotka ovat viime vuosina kohdanneet messiaan, Jeshuan. Tätä seurasi kappale Taivaalliset pasuunat, jonka sanat kertoivat siitä, että Taivaassa on jo usean kuukauden ajan soitettu shofar-torvia, ja vain ympärileikatut Jumalan valitut voivat sen äänen kuulla. Meller korosti kappaleen sanoja niin, että ne toistettiin pariin kertaan, samalla havainnollistavasti ilmatorvea soittaen. Tässä vaiheessa niin minua kuin varmasti monia muitakin kävi hieman harmittamaan oma ympärileikkaamattomuus, sillä olisihan se nyt nastaa kuulla, mitä hermeettistä lähetystä Taivaasta on jo parin kuukauden ajan maahan oikein lähetetty. No, esinahoista huolimatta Meller sai meidät tuntemaan, että olemme Jumalan valittuja ja Suomen Siionia!

Pakanakansojen myrsky ja maan ääret

Pakanakansojen myrsky sijoittui keikan keskivaiheille ja esitteli Melleriä parhaimmillaan. Tässä biisissä Meller otti vanhoja keikkojensa kestoelementtejä ja mestarillisesti tulkitsi niitä ajankohtaisin sävyin. Meller lauloi: Kun pakanakansojen myrsky alkaa, se alkaa maan perimmäisistä ääristä… Hän jatkoi julistamalla, että kun kaikkialla puhutaan Suomesta, niin puhutaan maan ääristä (Fin-land), maan lopusta. Me olemme maan loppu, me Suomalaiset!, Meller jylisi tavalla mikä hieman muistutti minua Lemmyn verbaalisesta ulosannista Motörheadin kappaleessa Sex and death. Meller jatkoi raamatullisesti (Jeremia 25:31): Pauhinta käy maan ääriin asti, sillä Herralla on riita kansoja vastaan, hän käy oikeutta kaiken lihan kanssa, jumalattoman hän antaa miekalle alttiiksi… Jumalattomat, keitä ne sitten ovat? Meller antoi kysymykseen saman tien selkeän vastauksen, upean dramaattisesti ääntään käyttäen: Jumalaton ihminen on ihminen, jolle Jumalan on sanonut, tästä hetkestä eteenpäin… Minä. En. Enää. Välitä… Sinusta.

Me olemme maan loppu, me Suomalaiset!

Edellämainittu kohta osaltaan alleviivasi sitä, että uusissa sanoituksissaan Meller on ottanut Jumalan tulkinnassaan varsin vanhatestamellisen painotuksen – armollinen ja rakastava, anteeksiantava Jumala on taka-alalla ja oikukas, tuittuileva, tantrumeita vetävä kosminen sadisti on päästetty valloilleen. Mutta tämä on ymmärrettävää, kun asia laitetaan nyt akuuttiin Israelin kontekstiin.

Maan äärien käsittelyssä nostettiin rohkeasti esiin myös suorasanaisesti demonisia nimiä. Meller riimitteli, että maan ääret eivät ole vain yksi ainut pohjoinen alue, esim. Suomi, Ruotsi, tai Norja, vaan että käsitteellä viitataan pohjoiseen yleisesti, ja erityisesti em. maan lopun maihin, Jerusalemista katsoen. Itärajan alue ei kuulu viimeisissä tapahtumissa Mellerin kuvaamiin maan ääriin. Itärajan alueillamme on Mellerin mukaan oma kohtalonsa, johon viimeisissä tapahtumissa vaikuttavat Goog, Maagog, Beesek ja Buubal. Tämä oli eräs keikan väkevimpiä unblack metal -hetkiä ja se kirvoittikin yleisöstä erityisen paljon amen, halleluja! -huutoja.

Norja, Suomi, ja lopun ajan tummat pilvet

Meller omisti keikasta huomattavan siivun Norjan tilanteen käsittelyyn. Hän muistutti, että Norja on ollut maan äärien maista jo vuosikymmenien ajan Israelia eniten tukeva ja että Jumala on tämän vuoksi siunannut Norjaa suurella vauraudella, erityisesti öljyn kautta. Artisti muistutti myös, että hänen henkinen oppi-isänsä oli suuri Norjan ystävä, ja että hän itsekin suuresti rakastaa Norjaa. Onhan hän mm. asunut Norjassa, saarnannut Norjassa ja kääntänyt tekstejä norjasta suomeksi. Tässä vaiheessa illan ohjelmaa Meller käytti erittäin näyttävästi eräitä keikkojensa vakioelementtejä, nimittäin lähteittensä fyysisten kappaleitten esittelyä ja dramaattista heiluttelua.

Bravo! bravo! bravo!, nyt alkaa kiva leikki, nyt näytetään mitä juutalaiset siat ovat!

Utøyan saari oli epäilemättä illan kontroversaalein biisi. Siinä Meller kertoi siitä, mitä hänen näkemyksensä mukaan saarella tapahtui, kun Anders Behring Breivik alkoi siellä julman verityönsä: Nämä nuoret eivät suinkaan huuda kauhusta, vaan he ovat huvittuneita, mitä he luulevat olevan tapahtumassa? He muistavat mitä heille on opetettu Israelin terrorista palestiinalaisia vastaan… ja he kuvittelevat, nyt alkaa, kun ministeri on lähtenyt kaksi päivää sitten, nyt alkaa havainnollistettu draama, jonka tarkoituksena on käytännössä opettaa meille, mitä palestiinalaiset raukat joutuvat kärsimään, kun juutalaiset tulevat yllättäen aseineen ja tappavat palestiinalaisia. Ja ensimmäiset, jotka surmataan, niin heidän viimeiset sanansa eivät suinkaan ole kauhunhuudot, vaan heidän viimeiset sanansa silminnäkijän mukaan ovat “bravo! bravo! bravo!, nyt alkaa kiva leikki, nyt näytetään mitä juutalaiset siat ovat!”

Jollain lailla em. biisi, sen esitystapa ja siihen liittyvät tulkinnat tuntuivat minusta hivenen oudoilta ja sopimattomiltakin. Meller muistutti, että ennen verilöylyä saarella oli esiintynyt puhuja, joka kirjaimellisesti pui nyrkkiä kaikkivaltiaalle Jumalalle, ja joka hyvän paimenen sijaan oli susi, joka vei laumansa syvemmälle Jumalan kovien tekojen kosketukseen. Minulle jäi hieman auki, liittyikö verilöyly Mellerin mielestä jotenkin jo keikan alkupuolella esitettyyn ajatukseen, että “Jumala aloittaa siivoamisen omasta talostaan” ja että oliko tapahtuma jollain lailla Jumalan vihan ilmaisu rakkaalle maan äären kansalleen, tai jotain sellaista. No, monet vaikutusvaltaiset ja hienot taiteilijat ovat kautta aikain esittäneet asioita kärjekkäästi, provosoiden ja jopa tahallaan ikävään valokeilaan astuen. Näin he ovat onnistuneet osoittamaan jotain vallitsevista kulttuurisista normeista, rajoista, siitä, miten me määrittelemme itseämme ja kulttuuriamme. Utøyan saari muistuttikin minua em. seikkojen vuoksi mm. Boyd Ricesta, jolta Meller on epäilemättä saanut eri tavoin vaikutteita.

Suomi kuvataan lehmänä ja taivaasta kuuluu sana: Se tapetaan!

Yhteiskunnallisesti vaikuttamaan pyrkivä kappale oli myöskin Suomi on lehmä, jossa Meller oli käyttänyt sanoina jonkun anonyyminä pysyttelevän henkilön unta. Kappaleessa Suomi kuvataan miehenä, joka kulkee eteenpäin. Hänen vieressään kerrotaan olevan tekstin, jossa sanotaan Jumalan yrittäneen estää Suomea menemästä EU:ssa eteenpäin, aina vuoteen 1999 asti. Tämän jälkeen kerrotaan, että tuon vuoden jälkeen Jumala ei ole Suomesta enää välittänyt. Kappale päättyy armottomaan visioon, jossa Suomi kuvataan lehmänä ja taivaasta kuuluu sana: Se tapetaan! Olin haistavinani kappaleessa lievää plagiointia CMX:n vanhasta hitistä Jumalan ruoska, mutta voi olla, että kappaleiden yhteneväisyydet ovat silkkaa sattumaa.

Onnistuneen keikan lopuksi Meller teki vielä perinteiset rock-kliseet, eli nostatteli hurmioituneen yleisön käsiä, ja VPK:n salissa tehtiinkin liki aaltoja Jumalalle. Meller lopetti keikan dramaattisesti todeten: Jos sinä et ole Jumalan ihminen tänä iltana tässä huoneessa, miten sinä uskallat elää? Jos sinulla ei ole Jeesusta vapahtajana, miten sinä uskallat kuolla? Jos sinulla ei ole pyhän hengen täyteyden kastetta, miten sinä kuvittelet selviäväsi arjesta, jota eletään tänä syksynä? Sinä tarvitset Jeesusta… ja sinä voit nostaa kätesi… tämä kutsu ei toistu tämän puhujan toimesta tänä iltana… sinä voit nostaa kätesi, nyt, juuri nyt, juuri nyt ja sanoa, Jeesus, otan sinut vastaan! Joku huusi tähän hurmiossa: Lisää pyhää henkeä! ja Meller komppasi asiaa.

Sinä tarvitset Jeesusta… ja sinä voit nostaa kätesi… tämä kutsu ei toistu tämän puhujan toimesta tänä iltana.

Jos tämän keikkaraportin aluksi tein huomion Mellerin itsevarmuudesta ja käsityksestä itsensä ainutlaatuisuudesta artistina, voisi saman huomion tehdä tässäkin kohtaa. Huomatkaa keikan lopetuspuheesta kohta “…tämä kutsu ei toistu tämän puhujan toimesta tänä iltana” – Meller tietää, että hänen kutsustaan Jeesukseen sydämeen ottaminen on ainutlaatuisen hienoa ja arvokasta. Hän on tähti. Hän tuntee arvonsa.

Keikan jälkeen Pirkko Säilä vielä johti pienen rukouksen, josta mieleeni jäi elävästi, että Jumalan käy niin paljon Israelia sääliksi, että hän säälii siellä pientä sorakasaakin.

Patmoksen ilmaismateriaali keikkapaikalla

Rukouksen jälkeen yleisölle jaettiin avokätisesti Patmoksen materiaalia, missä kerrotaan tarkemmin Mellerin keikan kappaleiden sanoista ja taustoista, sekä siitä, mitä materiaalia Patmoksella on myynnissä ja mille tilille voi maksaa Israelin hyväksi vapaavalintaisen summan (mutta 50€:tä suositellaan). Nämä materiaalit ovat hurjaa luettavaa, kuten valtavirtaa vastaan porskuttavalta underground-artistilta sopii odottaakin.

Koskaan ei Israelin edessä ole ollut niin massiivia kielteisyyden muuria kuin YK:n seuraavassa yleiskokouksessa.

Aktio Joosef -info kertoo, että koskaan ei Israelin edessä ole ollut niin massiivia kielteisyyden muuria kuin YK:n seuraavassa yleiskokouksessa. Tämän lisäksi kerrotaan, että maailma on palautumassa Kolmannen valtakunnan henkiseen ja hengelliseen ilmastoon (tähän väliin on hyvä muistuttaa, että on olemassa myös mielipiteitä, joiden mukaan Israel on itse harjoittanut varsin “natsistista” politiikkaa suhteessa palestiinalaisiin aina vuodesta 1947 asti).

Infossa Patmos kertoo myös olevansa lahjoitusrahoituksella mukana lobbaustoiminnassa (!) Israelin hyväksi. Kyseessä sanotaan olevan hengellisen sodankäynnin Israelin, Raamatun ja jopa Jumalan kunnian puolesta. Nyt ennen YK:n yleiskokousta USA:n presidentti Obaman kerrotaan sanelleen Israelille vaatimuksen suostua valtiolliseen holokaustiin. Halosta ojennetaan valitsemaan sanansa YK:n yleiskokouksessa oikein. Mikäli “pakanakansojen vaatimuksiin” suostutaan olisimme kertaiskulla syvällä viimeisten päivien profetioiden täyttymisessä. Tämä on raamatullista hardcorea, jos mikä!

Pienempi Aktio Joosef -lappu kertoo Mellerin visiosta Aktio Joosefin suhteen. Kyseessä on pyrkimys palata “Joosefin talousohjelmaan”. Meller kirjoittaa: Kuukausien ajan olen seurannut Herran Hengen vaikutusta. Minusta on tullut Joosefin ja erityisesti hänen talousfilosofiansa oppilas. Olen ihmetellen oppinut ja oppinut – ja samalla miettinyt, mitä aikaa varten henkeeni sijoittuu aivan mullistava kokonaisfilosofia kylvämisestä ja niittämisestä, sijoittamisesta ja siitä elämisestä. Myöhemmin Meller toteaa, että TOTUUSAKTIO ja AKTIO JOOSEF aivan ilmeisesti liittyvät toisiinsa jumalallisessa kutsumuksessa ja ohjauksessa. Lisäksi: Olen myös saanut henkeeni nostattaa esiin RUKOUSRINTAMAN SUOMEN JA ISRAELIN PUOLESTA. Ilmeisesti nämä kaksi ilmiötä jollakin tavalla sitoutuvat toisiinsa. Syyskuussa tiedät enemmän. Mitä luovuutta! Tällaiseen ei pysty kuin aidosti monilahjakas ja rohkea taiteilija!

Leo Meller ottaa esille raamatullisia hahmoja, joiden sisälle hän asettaa sinut. Olet esimerkiksi ‘käsille koottu imetyksestä elävä karitsa’ – Jumalallasi on jopa rinnat sinua varten!

Paperin toisella puolella mainostetaan Kalevi Lehtisen kirjaa ja kehoitetaan ostamaan myös hänen CD-levyjä: Kuuntele Kalevin erilaisimpia äänitteitä. Paperin yläpuolella mainostetaan CD-levyjä Koko ihmisen terveeksi tuleminen ja Ajat ovat vaikeat – näin Jumala hoitaa omiansa armosta perille. Viimeksimainitusta kerrotaan mm. näin: Leo Meller ottaa esille raamatullisia hahmoja, joiden sisälle hän asettaa sinut. Olet esimerkiksi ‘käsille koottu imetyksestä elävä karitsa’ – Jumalallasi on jopa rinnat sinua varten! Et ole orpokodissa – nämä ja muut esikuvat opettavat sinua. Äänitteet ovat osa Sana, henki, rukous ’10 -tapahtumaa, josta todetaan: …hämmentävien henkivaltojen, taistojen, uhrien että suuren siunauksen tapahtuma. Psykedeliaa ja esoteerista erotiikkaa!

Miten sinun rahalahjasi monistuu -paperi vetoaa lukijaan sillä, että jos olisimme voineen olla paikanpäällä Jeesuksen aikaan, olisimme olleet valmiita todella paljon palvomaan häntä ja tekemään hänen vuokseen. Tähän vedoten pyydetään nyt samanlaista panosta Israelin lobbausrahoiksi. Lapussa todetaan: 3000 x 50€: Saisimme vastata ‘kyllä’ Israeliin. Tilisiirtokuitissa on tunteisiin vetoava kuva halaavista ihmispoloista ja teksti Rakkauden kautta vaikuttava uskoni. Tämä tekoni Israelin elämäksi koetuksen hetkissä 2011. Palestiinan valtion perustamisen puolesta seuraavassa YK:n yleiskokouksessa äänestäviä kutsutaan jälleen pakanoiksi ja Tarja Halosen linjanvetoja arvuutellaan.

Jos Tarja Halonen antaa äänensä Israelin tuhoksi, nyt hänen puheensa huomioidaan. Taivaassa.

Jykevin ilmaismateriaaleista on Totuusaktio Israel -tabloid. Sen kannessa on kuva Tarja Halosesta puhumassa YK:ssa, kuvan alla teksti: Tasavallan presidentti Tarja Halonen puhunee YK:n yleiskokouksessa syyskuussa 2011. Aikaisemmat puheet ovat olleet tasaisia. Jos Tarja Halonen antaa äänensä Israelin tuhoksi, nyt hänen puheensa huomioidaan. Taivaassa. Miettikää sitä.

Mellerin keikan jälkeen päätin katsoa vielä, millainen egyptiläinen pääartisti oikein oli miehiään. Jo ensimmäisen kappaleen aikana tuli kuitenkin selväksi, että vaikka mainosteksti lupasi kovaa kamaa (“hän on herättynyt kuolleen eloon”), niin Samuel Maher bändeineen oli kuitenkin aika keskinkertaista kristillistä perussettiä.

Illan kovin artisti oli ilman epäilyn häivää Leo Meller.

– – –

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Boyd Rice: An Embodiment of the Wolf’s Hook

As many of you know, I wrote an article “Church of Satan is dead” some time ago. That article got me in touch with a documentary movie maker Larry Wessel, who’s interview “Larry Wessel speaks!” I then made. Wessel’s latest movie, Iconoclast, was six years in making. The result is a four hour long ride that goes through Boyd Rice’s life in three parts. This includes a good deal of history of pop culture and art too. After watching the movie I knew I wanted to write a review of it. However, after reading Carl Abrahamsson’s excellent review I thought I would have nothing to add to what he had said, because he put it all so well. You can find Abrahamsson’s review from here. Well, I thougth I could still write something about the documentary. If nothing else, I could write down my notes of the contents of the film and some of my rambling notes in between. What follows might be boring reading as it pretty much just lists the contents of the film. For those who are interested in Boyd’s art, life, and persona and have not seen the film yet, my notes and ramblings might still be interesting. So, with this note, or warning, let me begin.

Part One: Lemon Grove

Part one of the movie starts with Boyd reading his poem Secrets:

That is most powerful which remains unknown

Except unto you, and to you alone

There are secrets that slumber behind these eyes

And I stand by my secrets, my truths and my lies

There are secrets that soar where the eagle flies

Above man’s truths and beyond his lies

There are secrets that slither like snakes in the night

Coiled in shadows, far distant from light

There are secrets that confront you in the midday sun

Yet remain unknown to everyone

A secret burns bright when its law is obeyed

But is doomed to fade when that law is betrayed

For that is most powerful which remains unknown

Except unto you, and to you alone.

It seems to me that in some poetical way the ethos of this poem carries through the whole documentary. I don’t know Boyd but it seems to me that the poem carries the spirit that is present in all that Boyd has done and what he is like. He is difficult to label, he is multidimensional. He is often labeled this and that, often as something sinister and suspicious. But the truth probably lies somewhere between the lines, one could say between the opposites. I was reminded already at this point of the film of the wolf’s hook rune and how it really well seems to symbolize the essence of Boyd and his work.

After that Bob Larson does exorcism, Boyd goes to a tobacco store and buys a whole box of Samuel Gawith snuff. Wait! Is that that nasal tobacco? Yes it is, you can see Boyd taking it later in the film, in part three of the documentary, at the Absinthe studios. I have never tried nasal snuff, but I enjoy a lot the kind of snuss (especially portioned General) that you can buy in Sweden (I am having one portion under my lip right now while writing this).

A family history follows. A whole bunch of old pics. A story of a neighbohour average man’s everyday routine and how Boyd decided he will never be like that. We hear of a tv prank and a good deal of a tiki-culture. Already at this point my idea of Boyd starts to get new dimensions. I did not know that much of his interest in tiki and of things related. My idea of Boyd had previously been formed pretty much through some of his NON-recordings and his association with the Church of Satan. I think I am not the only one  like that. Much more interesting new dimensions to Boyd and his works is about to follow. This is getting really interesting.

We hear what happened in 1969. We hear of a Dark Shadows character who said: “Two natures have always existed in man, one good the other evil, perhaps with this we can bridge the gap in man’s divided nature”. Boyd comments on this: “And like a portal opened in my soul”. I am again reminded of the wolf’s hook rune and its essence. It is becoming apparent that the symbol has found a resonance within Boyd very early and that he has ever since worked to unfold the symbol’s mystery.

“Two natures have always existed in man, one good the other evil, perhaps with this we can bridge the gap in man’s divided nature”.

We hear of Strange paradise. We hear of Anton LaVey, Charles Manson, and Tiny Tim – how they were totally different and still much alike. We hear a story about Martin Denny. We hear a story about a man who lost his keys in Italy and found them from Florida. We hear about decadent Hollywood and its coolness. Rodney Bingenheimer. Glamrock. Principal in a nazi uniform poster prank. We hear a story about Boyd making a life size cross in high school and his work at Taco Bell – and of eating a moth there every now and then. Bean-qhr-qwr-qhr. We hear about how to make photos of things that does not exist, St. Jean Cocteau and Captain Beefheart’s nightly calls. Then Boyd tells about dada, surrealism, alchemy. I like it all, I can totally relate to what I hear. An image of Boyd as an artist starts to surface, an image that is new to me. The guy starts to get more and more interesting, minute by minute.

Boyd tells us how “women like it weird”. He tells us of his open-ended paintings, and again the wolf’s hook rune comes to my mind. The principle is there again. Skinned sheep’s head gift to the first lady is pure gold. A priceless prank, instant art performance. Next we hear how Boyd was living dada real. Steve Hitchcock illuminates us about how magic and alchemy is part of what Boyd does: “Boyd was someone who introduced me to the idea of alchemy of thought, where by you take negative or valueless proposition and turn it to your own advantage, by sort of inverted perception of it, which can be done, it takes a disciplined mind, a disciplined mentality if you want to make use of that, but it certainly is a valid principle”. Do you see the wolf’s hook and its principle at work again here? I do.

We hear of Boyd meeting Genesis P-Orridge. We hear of 1977 and the famous The Black Album, Boyd’s deal with Mute records, the birth of NON, and why punk was just glam rock with harder edge. Next we hear of something in which Boyd was again ahead of the time: Pagan muzak record that can be played with different speeds. This happened years, years ago. The first time I heard of such a record was when Butthole Surfers’ Hairway to Steven came out in 1988. Before of that I had for my own amusement listened to lots of records with different speeds – pretty much with the perspective of “open-ended paintings” of which Boyd spoke about earlier in the documentary. You can find the same thing interesting with different angles, perspectives. Things are most of the time not black and white, but composed of many colors and shades.

Who invented tape-loops? It was Boyd. He tells us how nothing in the world is fixed. We hear of “the world’s weirdest record”. We hear of the first NON show, which was “louder than Led Zeppelin”. There is a note of music as sounds, not so much as songs. Iitywimwybmad. Roto-guitar. Stuff ahead of the time. Live sounds from that part of the documentary remind me of some amazing underground noise gigs that I attended at Some Place Else in Turku, South-West of Finland around 2004 and 2005. Boyd did that kind of stuff about 30 years earlier. I find that rather impressive.

Part two: San Francisco

Part two of the movie deals with Boyd’s years in San Francisco area. We hear of Incredible strange films and research involved. Director Ray Dennis Steckler is revealed to be also actor Cash Flagg. The amazing scopitone machines are introduced. Boyd tells us of “close-ups of tits shaking a few seconds too long” and girls doing dances in bright colors. Sounds and looks good to me.

Then comes something I knew there was going to be covered, Boyd’s association with Anton LaVey. “Living in San Francisco it was inevitable that our paths would cross”. Blanche Barton tells about getting to know Boyd and why Boyd and Anton got so well along. “Role of the Devil has to be… one that challenges”. Barton also tells that Boyd also understood the trickster, prankster side of satanism… which is something that not everyone understands. Coop, the artist, tells about “making it hot for them”… and that “of course that applies to Boyd, perfectly”. We hear of Blinky the friendly hen’s funeral and resurrection. Vampire aesthetics. There is a note about romance and cultured gentleman in a vampire – and how below that side is a beast. A perfect wolf’s hook principle at work again.

Stanton LaVey, Anton LaVey’s more known daughter’s son, appears briefly in the film too. His first sentence in the film is “Boyd did fuck my mother!” which is followed with a warm laugh. He clearly has positive thoughts of Boyd. It seems that Boyd has had much warmer relationship with Zeena than I had. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000 I met Zeena few times, corresponded with her and it was an ongoing argument. Zeena and her husband Nikolas thought that I was trying to put too much love into the left hand path. They even called me “Jesus of darkness”. But that is another story.

Beth Moore-Love is an artist who I was not familiar with earlier. We see some of her amazing paintings. She says of Boyd: “He’s very intelligent. I like people who not only think outside of the box, but outside of the entire packeting industry… Boyd is one of them”. Boyd tells a chilling story of San Francisco’s Chinatown and its rats. It is very easy to believe. I lived in the city for some time in 2004 and Chinatown was one of my favorite places there. I visited it quite often and wondered about the smell of the place. Rats fit in the picture well.

“He’s very intelligent. I like people who not only think outside of the box, but outside of the entire packeting industry… Boyd is one of them”.

Next Boyd tells us how all the women who he brought to LaVey’s house had the next night a dream of having sex with LaVey. Boyd tells of LaVey’s different alter egos, the crime boss, the china man, and how LaVey could keep with a role for hours. The stories are hilarious and Boyd cracks up telling them. To readers of LaVey’s works it comes as no surprise that LaVey was living in a sort of alternative reality or realities he chose to live in. We hear very interesting angles on the subject. The famous Johnson & Smith’s catalogue is covered, and how “consternation” is the word related to it. Whoopee cushion. Remote controlled fart machine. How Anton programmed his keyboard with different fart sounds. The movie has been very fun already from the beginning, not just at this point. Barton tells how she and Boyd got Anton to record his music. It is very much likely that without them there would be no recorded music of LaVey.

Then comes the part dealing with Charles Manson. “Two minutes after meeting him he is giving me this you-are-me-and-I-am-you -routine”. Boyd tells us how Manson has one feet in the world of a fantasy, another in reality. We hear a story of Charlie telling to Boyd about taking a helicopter and visiting Ajatollah Khomeini. We hear that there are secrets Manson has told to Boyd – and which Boyd has promised to not tell to anyone while Manson is still alive (this reminds me of Boyd’s poem Secrets, with which the movie begins). Why Boyd got in touch with Manson in the first place? Why he seems to have interest in individuals who have been labeled very “sinister”? Some of Boyd’s associates gives a perspective on this: “Boyd has always been sort of attracted to those people who disrupt society in some way, that cause, that show the limitations of what we pretend to be civilized, I don’t want to put words into Boyd’s mouth but I know that’s part of what attracts him to this stuff”. I think this is a good angle to the question. The documentary gives a broad context where one can reflect on that. I think the documentary also gives an idea of the wolf’s hook rune, its essence and principle in artistic action – pursued by a questioning mind that does not see things in black and white but as “an open ended paintings”. Things are not fixed. In his pursuit Boyd is not afraid of putting himself in positions where he can easily get misunderstood. He is not so much afraid of social pressure as most of the people are.  Such a courage in looking at the human equation is hardly a bad thing. I would rather argue that seeing things in black and white is a bad thing. Finally, we hear of how Manson got into a solitary confinement for two weeks because of a bullet that happened to be in Boyd’s pocket – and how that ruined their relationship.

“Boyd has always been sort of attracted to those people who disrupt society in some way, that cause, that show the limitations of what we pretend to be civilized, I don’t want to put words into Boyd’s mouth but I know that’s part of what attracts him to this stuff”.

Then the documentary comes to the symbol that I’ve already mentioned few times, the wolf’s hook rune. We hear of the balance point between creation and destruction, “exactly the meaning that has been the guiding force in my life”. Adam Parfrey enters the picture – the guy is “on the same wavelenght “with Boyd. We are informed about the Apocalypse culture, 8-8-88 at Strand Theatre, San Francisco. We hear of the nazi accusations Boyd has been thrown with. “Boyd was not, is not, and will never be a nazi… you could take it as seriously as the Producers movie”. Anyone who has watched the documentary thus far must agree with that.  To say that Boyd is a nazi is absurd. We hear about the victim culture that likes to whine about everything. We learn of a mexican poster and ABBA-book that was stolen from Boyd (whoa – I did not know that Boyd likes ABBA. I have always liked them too. In my article “Church of Satan is dead” I pondered how much common ground I might have with Boyd. It seems there is much more than I thought). The San Francisco part of the movie ends with a story of Boyd moving to Denver. We hear why the place is cool. We hear that the building Boyd lives in was built in 1890. We hear how Boyd had a Carnival of souls welcome to Denver.

“Boyd was not, is not, and will never be a nazi… You could take it as seriously as the Producers movie”.

Part three: Denver

Part three deals with Boyd’s time in Denver and the stuff he has done since moving there. There is a recording session at Absinthe studios. Fredrik Nilsen gives another perspective on Boyd that tells of his wolf’s hook nature and approach to things: “He is a scholar of evil. He’s not evil. In fact, he’s a very sweet, loving, guy. But he seems to have an incredible knowledge of the nature of evil and he seems to be willing to chronicle and look at it in a sort of… empirical way, I’m not sure it is empirical… aesthetic way. And I think he is pretty great”. We see a footage of Boyd’s guest lecture “Regarding evil” at Massachusetts institute of technology. We hear of Oswald Mosley and his ralleys – and how his symbolism influenced Throbbing Gristle and David Bowie. We hear how Marilyn Manson (who has called Boyd his mentor) also used the Mosley symbolism after Boyd noted to him about it and about “a cross between glam rock and Nürenberg rally”. We hear about how to manipulate archetypes – how to step into a role you want to be in and how it then flows into you. There is a funny anti-fascism demonstrators talk with Boyd. After that there starts a really interesting part where Bob Larson talks with Boyd. He says with a big smile: “Bob has been working with me for the past 14 years… he doesn’t give up”. Boyd’s sense of humor is great and a watcher of the documentary is blessed with tons of it.

“He is a scholar of evil. He’s not evil. In fact, he’s a very sweet, loving, guy. But he seems to have an incredible knowledge of the nature of evil and he seems to be willing to chronicle and look at it in a sort of… empirical way, I’m not sure it is empirical… aesthetic way. And I think he is pretty great”.

We hear of the Partridge family & Partridge family temple: “Our religion is based on fun”. We hear of archetypes on TV. Giddle Partridge speaks. A story of Boyd as a catholic priest “blessing” kids rosery beads is pure prankster Boyd. Gidget Gein speaks how his idea of Boyd went up and down. The subject of social darwinism is touched upon. Another angle to wolf’s hook is given: Abraxas – an entity that is good and evil at the same time. We learn that Boyd has Charles Manson’s copy of the Bible. Bob Larson tells Boyd that “maybe you need an exorcism”. Boyd and Bob talk about paradigms of reality, good and evil. All in a very good spirit, pretty different from what it was like in Bob Larson’s radio show in the early 90’s. Boyd tells about Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard and about Lions Lair and women who got spontaneously naked for him there. We hear of Tiny Tim and his phonecalls, talk about women. Nutcase letters LaVey got. LaVey’s guns. We hear a hilarious prank that Boyd did with “Got milk?”-campaign’s billboard that featured David Copperfield. The billboard had  a picture of Copperfield’s face with some milk on his upper lip and a text saying “What’s the magic word? Calsium”. Boyd changed “Calsium” with some paint into ”Cum”. I once made a similar prank with Canal plus billboard… maybe you guess what I painted it to be? Margaret Radnick tells about Boyd’s love letters to her. Boyd’s friendship with Rozz Williams is covered. Douglas P. tells an amazing story about nazi-monkeys attacking old German men with bananas. Boyd’s bar Tiki-Boyd as an alternative reality is covered.

The talk between Boyd and Bob Larson continues. If there has been lots of interesting, even surprising turns in the film thus far, it gets even more such at this point. Boyd and Bob talk about some kind of possibility to survive death, and Boyd even tells that he nowadays thinks that some kind of reincarnation of consciousness might be possilbe. Bob comments: “You may have to turn back your Church of Satan card!” Boyd: “I tried and they wouldn’t take it!” Bob: “What happened to your old misanthropic idea of things? Obviously you must have mellowed in your hatred for humanity”. Boyd: “I’m still fairly misanthropic, I just don’t think I’m not actively misanthropic. Because I’m a very happy individual and I just find it if I treat everybody with a certain degree of civility they usually treat me with civility so generally they’ve used to people treating rotly and when somebody comes along who is nice to them it is big change for them and I gotta see the best sides of everybody if I treat everybody decently and they in turn are nice to me”. Bob says back in amazement: “Do you realize what you just said? You have just recited a part of Sermon of the Mount. You have just articulated one of the most important ethics that Jesus taught! Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you”. Bob continues: “At least you’re not at this point trying to bring back Thor and declare total war!” Boyd says smilingly: “Yea, I need to change the lyrics…” We hear “People” with improvised lyrics. The movie ends with Boyd’s poem, just like it started. The ending poem is Boyd’s Gift:

On my own

Hour after hour

Sipping cocktails

And reading Schopenhauer

Living in a world

Without imagination

I see that hope

Is a lack of information

I turn my back

I shut the door

I lock the key

A prisoner in my home

But it’s lovely to be free.

After that we hear Boyd singing Terry Jacks’ Seasons in the Sun. The film ends.

As I said, the movie is multidimensional. It covers a lot. It is funny as hell. It is thought provoking. It is surprising. It gives a picture of Boyd that one might not expect. Anton LaVey said once that “Boyd is a true iconoclast” and one cannot but agree. As it has most likely become clear, I would like to add that Boyd is an embodiment of the wolf’s hook rune, the symbol he has carried with him since his childhood.

Larry Wessel has made one hell of a film and I highly recommend it to everyone who is even cursorily interested in Boyd and his art. This documentary is a classic.

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One thing leads to another. After writing my post Church of Satan is dead I got in contact with Larry Wessel who has made a documentary Iconoclast about Boyd Rice.

Who is Larry Wessel? If you don’t know him already his website Wesselmania is a good source to learn more:

“The impact of Larry Wessel’s style can be seen everywhere from the advertising campaigns of Madison Avenue, to the proliferation of ‘Reality Television.’ Larry is known for his original, colorful and highly graphic collages. His artwork has been exhibited at museums and galleries including the Laguna Art Museum, La Luz de Jesus, Mark Moore Gallery, and Outré Gallery. Collectors of his collages include Adam Parfrey, Nick Bougas, Anton Szandor LaVey, Coop, Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba, Martin McIntosh and Johanna Went. Wessel’s collages have also appeared in the pages of magazines such as HUSTLER, Answer Me!, CHIC and MALEFACT, and Martin McIntosh’s books Taboo: The Art Of Tiki and Beatsville, as well as the cover of Adam Parfrey’s Cult Rapture & Gene Gregorits’s Midnight Mavericks.

In addition to collage, Larry Wessel is well known for his extensive documentary film work. He produces, directs, writes, shoots and edits profoundly twisted and provocative video work. Bloody bullfights, cool artists, obsessed collectors, way-out writers, the transgender underground and the dark side of Los Angeles, are just a few of the subjects of this wild man’s throught-provoking documentaries. Academic discussions of Wessel’s films can be found in the books Killing For Culture, by David Kerekes and David Slater, and Psychotropedia by Russ Kick. Interviews with Larry Wessel have appeared in numerous publications, such as Headpress and PANIK, as well as the book Sex & Guts 4, by Gene Gregorits and Lydia Lunch and the book MIDNIGHT MAVERICKS by Gene Gregorits.”

I was more than happy to get a chance to interview the man. Here, ladies and gentlemen, Larry Wessel speaks!


If this interview could take place anywhere, real or fictional place, in any period of time, where you’d like us to sit and talk of things? At your homebase in Los Angeles?

On the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden where my wife Tora and I plan on moving.

Iconoclast has finally come out. It’s a four hour film that was six years in the making. Quite a project. How do you feel about it? Are you happy with the outcome? What has the response been like?

I am very happy with Iconoclast! The response has been 100% positive. Many who have seen it use the word “Masterpiece” in describing it.

You’ve made 16 films previously. How does Iconoclast differ from your previous work?

6 years is the longest I have spent working on any previous film. I also believe that Iconoclast is more epic in scope than my other films. More than just about Boyd Rice, Iconoclast covers 50 years of American Pop Culture history.

How did the whole documentary get started?

I received an email from Boyd Rice declaring that he was a fan of my documentaries and he said that my films were more than just mere documentaries, that they were like “experiencing a phenomenon”! He asked if I would like to do a documentary about him and of course I said, “Yes”!

Was it a smooth process to do the documentary, were there any special challenges in making it?

It went real smooth and was a lot of fun all the way!!

Setbacks, happy surprises, interesting and funny turns?

No real setbacks that I can think of. Lots of happy surprises, interesting and funny turns all the way through! It was a lot of fun for me to look up people from Boyd’s past and interview them. They all had very amusing stories to tell that reveal a lot about Boyd Rice.

You interviewed lots of people for the documentary. Did you get all the people interviewed you wanted to?

Mostly. There were very few people who refused to be in it.

How was Bob Larson?

Bob Larson was fantastic!! He and Boyd engage in deep philosophical discussions throughout Iconoclast and Bob allowed me to film him performing an exorcism as well!!

You’ve known Boyd well before making the documentary. How did you get to know Boyd in the first place?

I met Boyd in 1997 at a concert he was supposed to perform at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles with Death In June. A group of protestors succeeded in getting the nightclub to prevent Boyd from performing that night.

Did making the documentary change your view of Boyd and his work somehow?

I really got to know Boyd very well during the making of Iconoclast and gained a keen understanding of how much of his work is rooted in humor. He is absolutely one of the funniest people I have ever met. I have had the pleasure of seeing Iconoclast in crowded cinemas in Los Angeles and San Francisco and people laugh their asses off and applaud throughout the entire film from beginning to end!! I think that perhaps one of the most surprising aspects of Iconoclast is how very funny it is!!

What is Boyd really like in person when one gets to know him better?

He is extremely charming, funny and infinitely mysterious. He constantly challenges one’s ideas. A true iconoclast.

How does his public image differ from his private personality?

He is very much like Anton LaVey in this way. His public image is widely perceived as very harsh whereas his private personality reveals a very intelligent, soft spoken gentleman with an intense sense of humor.

What do you most like in Boyd and his work?

His sense of humor.

Both you and Boyd have a long association with the Church of Satan and Anton LaVey. LaVey was a big fan of certain kinds of movies and he also really enjoyed your works. What part does LaVeyan satanism play in your movies? Do you consider your movies to be acts of magic? If so, what kind of results do you aim to gain from your magical films?

Anton was one of my closest and best friends that I have had the good fortune of having in my life. He has always been infinitely inspiring to me and always will be. I don’t want to sound pretentious but I consider creativity to be a very magical act. To create something from nothing by definition makes one a God. I like to think of my films as magical spells that inspire people to think for themselves. One can learn from and grow from experiencing my films. People tell me that they get a lot of inspiration from my work.

Iconoclast is out there on DVD. Can you tell us something about the DVD?

Here is the description from the back of The Iconoclast 3 Disc DVD Set…


Disc One: LEMON GROVE 1 Hr. 25 Min.

Disc Two: SAN FRANCISCO 1 Hr. 02 Min.

Disc Three: DENVER 1 Hr. 26 Min.


Boyd Rice may well be the only person alive who’s been on a first name basis with both Charlie Manson and Marilyn Manson. His career has spanned more than three decades, during which time he has remained at the epicenter of underground culture and controversy. Rice first came to prominence in the 70’s as one of the founders of the genre known as Industrial Music, and soon gained a reputation for live shows that were deemed the most abrasive, minamalist and loudest concerts ever staged (his shows regularly clocked in at 130 decibels, whereas a jet plane taking off was a mere 113 decibels). As early as 1980, he was already hailed as The Godfather of Noise Music.

Since then, Rice has extended his creative pursuits to numerous fields, even lecturing at The Massachusettes Institute of Technology, despite being a high-school dropout. “My life”, says Rice, “is a testament to the idea that you can achieve whatever the hell you want if you posess a modicum of creativity, and a certain amount of naivete concerning what is and isn’t possible in this world. I’ve had one man shows of my paintings in New York, but I’m not a painter. I’ve authored several books, but I’m not a writer. I’ve made a living as a recording artist for the last 30 years, but I can’t read a note of music or play an instrument. I’ve somehow managed to make a career out of doing a great number of things I’m in no way qualified to do”.

Larry Wessel’s documentary, ICONOCLAST is a 4 hour long tour de force, 6 years in the making; an in depth expose of Boyd Rice’s life, career, and personal obsessions. No mere documentary, ICONOCLAST is more of a roller coaster ride through the fevered mindscape of one of the most controversial and unique artists of the modern age.

The ICONOCLAST 3 DISC DVD Set is available for purchase for $30 (includes free shipping worldwide!) at WWW.ICONOCLASTMOVIE.COM

Are there plans to show the film at some film festivals? Other plans related to Iconoclast?

Although I have had many offers, there are no current plans to screen Iconoclast at film festivals. There are plans for theatrical screenings coming this Spring, 2011 or Summer 2011 at The Anthology Film Archives in New York.

You have a Swedish wife, Tora.

Yes! Tora and I have been married since 2006 and our love grows for each other every day!! Among her many talents, Tora is starting to be known as one of the most talented photographers working in the world today! She has a website in the works called WWW.WESSELMANIAPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Have you been in scandinavia or Finland?

I have been to Sweden and Denmark. I am looking forward to visiting both Finland and Norway as well.

Anything you’d like to say to your Finnish fans?

Thank you very much to all of the many Finnish fans who have purchased Iconoclast!! I am very grateful to all of you and have enjoyed the Rave Reviews you have given Iconoclast .

Do you have plans for the next film already in mind? What can we expect from Larry Wessel next?

Yes…there are 3. The first is about collectors and the obscure objects of their desires featuring artist extraordinaire, Jason Mecier! The second is a documentary about another artist extraordinaire, Beth Moore-Love. The third one is Pt. 3 of a trilogy about Los Angeles.

What makes you happy?

My marriage to my one and only true love…The love of my life, Tora Wessel.


Thank you for the interview, Larry! Mesikämmen blog wishes you success with Iconoclast!

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I was going through my archives some time ago and found a handwritten letter from Boyd Rice to me. It’s from the early 90’s when I still considered myself a satanist. I was in my late teens. In the letter he replied to some of my questions regarding his appearance in Bob Larson’s radio show, made some notes about Music, martinis and misanthrophy CD, the Abraxas Foundation (he kindly sent me its newsletter WAKE! ), etc. Ahead of the time, years before the internet became a commonplace, Boyd also used a smiley in the letter, much like it is used commonly nowadays. I remember it amused me. Days after digging this letter from my archives I learned that a lenghty documentary about Boyd had finally came out. Iconoclast looks like something definitely worth seeing if you are even cursorily interested in all the stuff that Boyd has done over the years. Few days after learning of the documentary, I learned that Boyd had declared himself a high priest of the Church of Satan recently and interestingly enough, he also declared that the Church of Satan didn’t exist as an organization anymore.

I moved away from satanism to other ways to contextualise and experience myself and the universe few years after receiving that letter from Boyd. Around the time I made this paradigm shift I thought that not only I was not a satanist, but I also came to the conclusion that the Church of Satan was dead. It seemed to me that the Church of Satan had lost the certain genuinely fresh and dynamic substance it once had. I thought that even if one was a satanist, not just one playing one, one should have seen that as an organization the Church of Satan was gone. Even if you were a satanist you should have come up with something new carrying the genuine spark that made the Church of Satan what it once was. The organization was attracting all too much certain kind of pompous airheads and (post) teen-angst filled guys who made it look like that the whole LaVeyan satanism had become more a certain kind of aesthetic and attitude promoting subculture and lifestyle than a practical philosophy that could be taken seriously. Just looking how these guys were repeating LaVey’s words year after year word by word instead of developing the basic philosophy and its implications and making individually something really out of it in the world all spoke (and still speak) for itself to me. It didn’t (and still doesn’t) look very much like satanic individualism at its best to me. It all looks like Anton LaVey fan club with its members, and as such not essentially very different from other kinds of fan clubs.

There are of course exceptions, not all who associate themselves in one way or another with LaVeyan satanism are such airheads. But such persons seem to be rather rare. Boyd Rice has always appeared to me as one of those exceptions. He is smart, creative, complex, and in his own way he has seemed to truly practise satanism in his own individual way. No matter that my worldview is quite different from his, his works have continued to interest me because he has not been parroting LaVey but he has being doing his own thing.  It has been thought provoking and fun to see what he has been doing. The declaration that Boyd made recently affirmed that again.

I haven’t seen or heard an official comment from the Church of Satan to Boyd’s declaration yet. It might be that they have a difficult time thinking how to formulate a good answer to it. Among other things Boyd’s declaration includes this note: “True LaVeyan Satanism only exists insofar as it is manifested in deeds – in life and living. Never in mere words”. If the current “high priest” of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore, works or has been working in a not very high position at Wal-Mart while being a high priest of an organization that likes to give an impression that its higher degree members are in positions of power in the world, it might be difficult for him to reply to that note from Boyd. One academic scholar has indeed made that claim about Gilmore and Wal-Mart, I’ve heard, but I am not sure if it is true or not. Interestingly enough, there is not much information around how Gilmore makes his living.  I think there is nothing wrong or laughable about working at Wal-Mart per se, except if you happen to be a high priest of an organization that is all about might is right and exemplifying that  in the world. But well, maybe Gilmore is indeed in some position of power that matches with the nature of being a high priest of Satan, an entity emphatically of power in this material world. In any case, Gilmore gives an impression of having common sense and sense of humor in his interviews. He doesn’t seem like an airhead. It will be interesting to see what he will eventually reply to Boyd’s declaration.

When it comes to Boyd’s view of the world it is quite a bit more nihilistic and misanthropic than mine. I don’t share too much with Boyd’s view of the world, except that most of the people are idiots. The difference between me and Boyd seems to lie mostly in that I have more empathy towards people, idiots, but it might be that’s because I find an idiot pretty much from everybody. Myself included. I also do write a blog which is something Boyd would apparently never do. Nevertheless, I am not a mere blogger, I have done and do stuff out there in the world in my own small way, as some of you know. Anyway, words on screen are out of total living context. It might be that talking about all and everything with Boyd over a pint there could surface more common ground between me and Boyd than mere words on screen would indicate. I’d like to see if this is so. So, Boyd, if you happen to be around Finland sometime, I invite you to have  few beers with me. I’d offer. I agree with you about the main message of your declaration and would like to interview you about it.

Below is the declaration I’ve talked about. It’s worth reading thoughtfully if LaVeyan satanism interests you (be sure to have proper background music while reading it).

– – –

To whom it may concern,

As it is widely known, Anton Szandor LaVey repeatedly expressed his sincere desire to me that his mantle as leader of the Church of Satan pass to me upon his death. In his estimation, I was the sole person qualified to carry his tradition into a new era. At the time I demurred, explaining that I was a loner and not a team player or a people person.

Now I have changed my mind. After thirteen years of introspection, I have decided to step up to the plate and humbly accept the role bestowed upon me by my close friend and mentor. Why? Because remaining loyal to LaVey’s spirit and memory has come at the cost of distancing myself from the organization perpetuating itself in his name.

At one time, the sycophants and functionaries at the forefront of the CoS may have been called apparatchiks or pencil pushers. Today they are bloggers, whose sole arena of combat is the internet. When they employ “satanic” ideals, it’s in endless squabbles in cyberspace – rarely in real life or the real world. The LaVey I knew abhorred such types, and frequently told me as much.

I am told that many in the Church of Satan were offended by my book NO, and particularly by my essay on individuality; which they perceived as a potshot taken at them. How very perceptive – it was exactly that! If Anton were alive to read the text, he’d agree wholeheartedly; and laugh his ass off. He often lamented to me that his ideas vis-à-vis individualism were misguided and that he’d in effect “given birth to a monster”; or that such ideas applied to a few rare souls and not to everyone with the price of admission.

Consequently, my first official act as new leader and only truly ordained High Priest of the Church of Satan is to declare that the organization no longer exists. True LaVeyan Satanism only exists insofar as it is manifested in deeds – in life and living. Never in mere words. Elitism is self-defining, it is not a commodity that can be bought or sold for a few hundred dollars, or whatever the going rate is for a little, red membership card.

In the future, LaVey’s ideas can only survive in so much as they constitute a living reality, and never as mere platitudes on the printed page or computer screen; and in the future, such ideas must be taken to the next level. They must be recognized as purely foundational. Not an end point, but a starting point. LaVey expressed as much to me when he appointed me Grand Master of The Order of the Trapezoid. Satanism is an initiation into the wisdom of materiality, and the trapezoid represents the mastering of materiality – the pyramid sans its keystone. It is a foundation and a beginning.

In closing, I know my words will find resonance only amongst a rare few. That’s as it should be. I am not trying to “take over” the internet orthodoxy currently known as the Church of Satan, nor would I want to. I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.

I am simply telling you I am Anton LaVey’s handpicked replacement as High Priest. Do with that what you will. I will not ask you for money. I will not send you newsletters or post blogs. But I will never steer you wrong, nor ever disgrace the memory of my dear friend and mentor, Anton Szandor LaVey. He lives within each soul that manifests his ideas and worldview. He will remain forever dead to those who are content to pay mere lip service to them. For the former, a new era awaits; for the latter, an old error remains in play. Let the dead bury the dead – life is for the living.

Boyd Rice

High Priest, Church of Satan

Grand Master, Order of the Trapezoid


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