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The first time I heard of Beth Moore-Love and her paintings was while reading about past Anton LaVey many, many years ago. The man adored Moore-Love’s paintings.

Intrigued, I did some research in the internet. What I found was something unique and haunting. No wonder the bald man loved that stuff. To my surprise there was not that much information about the artist in the net, though.

Years passed. When I heard that a new documentary by Larry Wessel was about Beth Moore-Love the last year, I was more than delighted. That was something I definitely wanted to see.

Wessel put nine years in making of the film. The documentary, that runs for 1 hour and 51 minutes, was filmed in New Mexico, Berlin and Los Angeles between 2005 and 2013. Like previous films by Wessel, also this one is a gem.

We hear the story of Moore-Love from interviews with her and from many persons close to her. We hear stories behind many of her very detailed paintings that at the same time are beautiful and gruesome.

The movie is fascinating from the beginning till the end. It gives a unique view about a unique artist and her work. Wessel has done a great service for all of us by telling us a story about an artist that is oddly not more widely known.

Larry Wessel has once again picked up a great subject for a film and given it a great treatment. This is a masterpiece that everyone with a taste for beautiful, gruesome, though provoking and wickedly funny should see. Highly recommended!

Larry Wessel’s Love is amazing.

8. First Communion 1996 by Beth Moore-Love

5. Our Mother of Compassion 2003 by Beth Moore-Love

2. Southern Comfort 1995 by Beth Moore-Love

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