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boydrice2012_4There was an interesting headline in the news few days ago: “ABBA Founder: Godlessness Makes Sweden’s Pop Music Great“.

This reminded me of my private conversation with Boyd Rice.

It went like this:

Mesikämmen: “Funny little detail – someone found my blog with search words “IS ABBA ABRAXAS?”

Boyd commented: “THEY COULD BE! ABBA is a name of God!”

Indeed, it is.

Song for the day: ABBA: Does your mother know?

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Boyd Rice speaks!

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A little poll for the blog’s readers: What kind of religions you find most negative? What most positive?

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In answering these questions let’s use this Western classification and add two more categories in it:

1. Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Bahá’i faith).

2. Indian religions (Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism).

3. East Asian religions (Taoism and Confucianism).

4. African diasporic religions (practiced in the Americas, imported as a result of the Atlantic slave trade of the 16th to 18th centuries, building on traditional religions of Central and West Africa).

5. Indigenous ethnic religions (Includes among others African traditional religions, Asian shamanism, Native American religions, Austronesian and Australian Aboriginal traditions, Chinese folk religion, and postwar Shinto).

6. Iranian religions (This category includes Zoroastrianism, Yazdanism, Ahl-e Haqq and historical traditions of Gnosticism).

7. New religious movement (This is the term applied to any religious faith which has emerged since the 19th century, often syncretizing, re-interpreting or reviving aspects of older traditions: Hindu reform movements, Eckankar, Ayyavazhi, Pentecostalism, polytheistic reconstructionism, and so forth.

8. New Age/Western esotericism (This is not included in the classicification I referred to above, but I see this category important enough to include it in here. This category includes religions/movements that loosely fall into categories of “new age” and/or “western esotericism“. This includes theosophy, neo paganism, satanism, Thelema, and other such religions/movements that has emerged since the late 19th century).

9. Atheism (This is not included in the classification I referred to above and atheism at its best form -as I see it- is of course no religion at all. Many atheists seem to have “a religious zeal” in their views though and it is because of this that I decided to include this category as a “black horse” in this poll).

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The classifications are a bit rough and the used terms/religions/movements does not always fit perfectly under them, but I guess you get the picture.

In considering the questions think of the best and the worst examples of all religions/movements, as well as the “fruits of the trees”: How different religions/movements are effecting the world where we live in and how they effect lives of practitioners of these religions/movements.

You are most welcome to elaborate your answers in comments section below.

[Note: You should see polls for most negative and most positive religions below. If you don’t see both of them the poll service is most likely having some technical problems. That happens from time to time. If you want to vote and don’t see both polls below, check the page later again].

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Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a radio host and a filmmaker you might or might not know. If you haven’t heard about him I recommend you to check his webpage Infowars out. I’ve been listening to his radio show for well over two years now and I’ve seen all his films. There are lots of things I think Jones does very well but there are also things I think he could do much better. Well, nobody is perfect, but when it comes to spiritual subjects Jones goes a bit over the edge in my books.

When Jones, who says he’s a Christian, stays in clearly political topics he has done a lot of good and still does so. But when he attacks people based on their spiritual beliefs and practises he is clearly not at his best. At best he seems to be at such times heavily misinformed and misinterpreting those peoples non-Christian views and practises and at worst he is accusing them of things that are total crap, insulting those people and their freedom to choose their religion (or their freedom to be atheists). It does not help at all when he invites someone like Texe Marrs to his show.

It’s all fine with me that Jones is a Christian. I have nothing against that. But it troubles me how much and in what kind of way his spiritual views have come to color his interpretation of politics, people and other things involved during the last two years. At times I am wondering if I am listening to some  wild Christian radio show or a political radio show who’s host happens to be a Christian. As a 9/11 truther myself and a student of comparative religions I am afraid that with his spiritual ranting Jones is driving some good people away from his show and websites and that he might even be giving some ammunition against 9/11 Truth for some others.

Jones is without a doubt a good meaning person who is sincere in what he does but I think he should think to what direction he wants his show and work to develop. He still has a lot people listening to him who are not Christians or who as Christians does not agree with many of his and some of his guests wild spiritual interpretations. I wish that Jones can do a better job in the future in separating politics from wild interpretations of spiritual subjects and in keeping personal spiritual beliefs just personal. Being a Christian is not a guarantee that a person is any better than someone else next to him. Period.

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