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James Kirchick wrote in The New Republic some amazing bullshit about Dr. Ron Paul recently. I am not getting into details of that bullshit in this blog entry because those details can be found from elsewhere already, for example, here. Below is a little note I sent as a comment to the article.

Greetings from Europe.

I am amazed that I can still be amazed about how low the media can go in the States today.

This article was an interesting piece of propaganda, that indeed succeeded to amaze me. I consider it a social suicide from anyone to write this kind of unproven heavy nonsense. Don’t you know that the whole world is looking at you and seeing through this joke? Man, I am glad I am not in your shoes.

If there is any truth in this article that truth is that neo cons and their supporters are REALLY SCARED about the revolution that Ron Paul and his supporters represent. The article itself did not contain a truthful view of Ron Paul. The article was a package of lies, to state the obvious.

Well, I would be alarmed if Ron Paul and his supporters would not cause scared neo cons and their supporters to write stuff like this. It would mean that Ron and his supporters would really pose no threat to the establishment. Article like this is indeed a great sign that there is REAL CHANGE working in the States… not some small talk “change” that so many candidates talk, but a REAL CHANGE.

Ron Paul is a hope for America, indeed. It makes me and tons of others around the world happy that there is a man like him running for the president. And if you don’t believe that, go and see who the world would elect.

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