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It was time to ask from Alan Cabal a report about the state of mankind again. In addition to that you will also learn the truth about what will really happen at the end of 2012.

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Hello Al, how are things in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, “the number one” in democracy, rights, and the general good quality of life?

The fourth largest manufacturer of guns in America, Sturm Ruger & Co., is unable to keep up with demand and is suspending sales until they can fulfill orders. It’s an election year here, so naturally the national conversation has turned away from such trivial matters as the collapsing economy, our descent into a full-blown fascist dictatorship, and the endless, ever-expanding wars and refocused on the issues that excite Americans even more than AMERICAN IDOL or DANCING WITH THE STARS: gay marriage, abortion, and contraception.

It appears to be open season on young black men in Florida, but I suspect that has always has been the case there.

I heard that The NY Press has deleted your articles online. Is this true? What has happened and why? If they have deleted your articles is there any place where they could still be found?

The NY Press online archive has been deleted in its entirety. It isn’t just my work that got deleted. There’s something on the internet known as “the wayback machine”, which stores deleted websites. Perhaps it is preserved there. I am an ephemeral phenomenon, my life is a form of performance art. I have no interest in being mummified.

What do you think are the biggest bullshit news right now in the mainstream media? What is really going on? What are the most important depelopments in the world right now that the mainstream media keeps quiet about and that people should really pay attention to?

The USA is a sham democracy. Our elections are rigged. Wall Street owns both political parties. The so-called “electoral process” is nothing but a puppet show. This country is acting in direct violation of every principle of international law. It is a corrupt rogue empire in possession of the most dangerous arsenal ever assembled and embarked upon a relentless campaign of bloodshed and destruction in the service of Zionism and the corporate psychopaths that rule over us.

Your comments on the US presidential election process at this point?

At least the Three Stooges were funny.

Your thoughts on the Occupy movement? Has it become frozen now after its good start? What would keep the fight vital and develop the cause?

A national strike might work. If every American stopped working for a week, we could take our country back from the oligarchs.

If every American stopped working for a week, we could take our country back from the oligarchs.

Many people feel that the world is gigantically fucked up and that “something should be done”. What do you think why things haven’t really changed, why the big time bullshit keeps going on and nothing really changes? What should be done that the bullshit would really be cleaned?

Workers of the world, stay home for a week. Don’t buy anything for a week. That would do it.

What do you think the world will look like by the end of this year?

The sky will be overflowing with flying unicorns shitting rainbows, honey badgers will occupy the corridors of power looking for snakes to eat, cats will complete their infestation of the internet, the Nazis will return from the moon to an apologetic world, the entire Kardashian family will commit ritual suicide, California will be submerged in a sea of red ink, and Israel will be destroyed by a spaceman named Klaatu and his robot companion. All will be well.

If you could send a message to some “united aliens” or such a body in the universe, what would you ask them to do for our planet at this point of the history?

Please kill all of the billionaires on this planet. Bring pot.

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Thank you, Al!

Song for the day: Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.

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1) Hello again, Al. How are things in the U.S. of A?

It’s like the Last Days Of Atlantis as interpreted by Ed Wood.

2) How fucked up the human race is right now – and why?

It’s far worse than it ever has been, because the central problem is overpopulation. There’s no pretty way out of that problem.

3) What do you think about the recent riots in the UK?

Riots are counterproductive. The riots of the 1960s here in America accomplished nothing but devastation. That’s what riots do. All mobs are comprised of cowards.

4) Would it be tempting to get abducted by benevolent aliens?

I never fuck on the first date.

5) Max Keiser predicted that there will be a false flag terrorist attack within 90 days because Pentagon’s budget is suggested to be cut. What do you think of this?

They need another false flag soon for a LOT of reasons. It’s inevitable, and it’ll probably be nuclear. It has to be bigger than 911.

6) Talking about false flag operations, this year will mark 10th anniversary of 9/11. What you’ll do on 9/11 this year?

Recreate the event on a sandy beach with refrigerator boxes and remote-controlled toy airplanes, preferably on LSD.

I’ll need a flat-screen tv box for WTC7.

7) I remember that you got fired as a journalist for asking too ankward questions about 9/11. How did it all go?

Actually, I quit NY Press over an insult to the Pope. I am semi-retired.

8) What do you think about “Osama bin Laden’s death”? How ridiculous the story was on a scale from 1 to 10?

Bullshit is creative. Al Gore never had a creative idea in his life. He’s incapable of speaking the truth. Anthropogenic climate change is a crock of shit designed to facilitate global control and taxation, and to shift the terms of the discourse from “pollution” to “climate change.”

9) What do you think about global warming? Does Al Gore speak bullshit and is it all about control and big money?

See above.

10) I read an interesting article recently that LBJ was behind assassination of JFK. What is your theory? Who killed Kennedy?

After all, it was you and me.

11) Who’s the worst person in the world right now and why?

Dick Cheney, because he isn’t as charming as David Hasselhoff.

12) Who’s the best person in the world right now and why?

Me, because I haven’t killed anybody yet.

13) If you had a chance to spend a one day with Hunter S. Thompson how would you prefer to spend that day with him? What would you two do?

Gobble some blotter acid, do some rails of meth, and get drunk as hell in Atlantic City, NJ.

14) Your best tip of the day on how to be happy in the world today?

Smoke pot and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon continuously. I am quite serious about this.

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[Alan Cabal is the Emperor of the U.S.A. He has been nominated for Nobel peace prize].

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