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Mesikämmenen blogin uusia jääkaappimagneetteja on jaossa blogin lukijoille.

Magneetteja saavat jälleen ne, ketkä perustelevat parhaiten, miksi juuri heidän pitäisi saada tämä keräilyesine. Perustelut tulee esittää tähän postiin kommenttina (ei siis Facebookiin).

Magneetteja on jaossa vain kymmenisen kappaletta.

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timovuorensola2Timo Vuorensola doesn’t need long introductions. He’s known especially for directing movies and being a member of Älymystö.

Mesikämmen decided to ask few questions from Timo. In the following interview Star Wreck, Iron Sky, Laibach, Älymystö, Nazi UFO’s, Nazi’s in movies, Sarah Palin and her supporters, Pekka Siitoin, and many other subjects are covered.

Ladies and gentlemen, Timo Vuorensola speaks!

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If this interview could take place anywhere, anytime, real or imaginary, where would we sit now making this interview?

I’d pick some nice, cozy pub in Tharbad, Cardolan. That’s in Middle-Earth, of course. And year would be around 1650 Third Age.

Who are you, what do you do? What did you do before Iron Sky that made you a celebrity?

I’m some kind of a all-round-random-shit -guy who just ended up focusing on film. I’ve been interested in anything, from writing to music, from graphics to marketing, and have done a many jobs on each of those fields. I used to be a telemarketer before I started filmmaking and financed my ass during the the making of my first film, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning.

What made you start Star Wreck-movies? Were you a typical Star Trek-fan?

I wasn’t the brains behind Star Wreck-series, before I met him, Samuli Torssonen from Tampere who had been working on Star Wrecks all his life. I joined in first as an actor to Star Wreck V: Lost Contact -short film, and he asked me – because I was always loud and buzzing about the set – to direct the second. I hadn’t directed anything of that scale before, but decided to take the “job” (not like anyone was paying…).

Regarding Star Trek, I hand’t seen even one full Star Trek episode before I started working on Star Wreck, and didn’t get around to watch the series until years after I had already finished my work on Star Wreck. Maybe it was good, brought the film a bit above the typical fanwank level of fan films on the Internet.

Who are your favorite Star Trek characters and why? The first or the next generation? Deep space nine?

Now that I’ve seen every episode of Star Trek (me and my girlfriend took a 1,5 year Star Trek marathon, watching every episode (729 episodes) and every movie (11 movies then), I find myself a “first generation” -guy, meaning the Original Series is the one that speaks loudest to me, although every other series have had their awesome bits. And out of all the characters in Star Trek, I’d go picking Kirk, Spock, Data and Archer. They all are interesting, stand-alone characters that really bring incredible flavour to the series.

What are your all time favorite movies and directors, top 10? Why these directors, movies?

Top-10 is rather hard, but let’s give it a go:

1. David Lynch – For the freedom of expression.

2. Ridley Scott – For the science fiction mindset.

3. James Cameron – For the beyond-this-world visions.

4. Stanley Kubrick – For the best films I’ve seen in my life.

5. Gus van Sant – For the challenging topics he tackles with such ease.

6. John Cameron Mitchell – For the best film I’ve seen in my life (Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

7. Peter Jackson – For being the guy I want to be one day.

8. Darren Aronofsky – For the darkness, and the light at the end of the tunnel, that turns out to be a train of horrors roaring at you.

9. Steven Spielberg – For my childhood.

10. Terry Gilliam – For taking us on a ride out of this world.


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Iron Sky and things related

Where were the seeds of the Iron Sky planted? I recall some mentions about sauna…

Yeah, we were sitting in a sauna, a bunch of us, and friend of ours, one of the writers of Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning suggested we should do a film about Moon Nazis. He had been reading bout this conspiracy theory and thought it might turn into something interesting. First we of course were just laughing about it, but the more we thought about the topic, read about it and researched it, the more we realised there could be a story there.

Turun Hengentieteen Seura made notions about sending metaphysical magical signals into the collective field of human consciousness as the real origin for Iron Sky. What is the truth about the matter? Did you feel some odd itching in your head when the idea came to you?

Yeah, but we believed it to be just dirty nerd sweat exiting our bodies in the heat of the sauna, but apparently, well, that’s what it was then.

ironskyufosWhat do you think of the Nazi-UFO-mythos in general? What do you think, is there is any base to Nazi’s having had man-made UFO’s?

Absolutely, there’s quite a lot of photographic evidence of a saucer-shaped ships being tested by Nazi scientists and later these researches found their way to USA where they were taken even further. I assume the problem eventually was that there was no way to create an energy source that could take the advantage of the saucer shape, and the research was abandoned, after Roswell accident, and all the focus was put into building a space rocket based on V2 technology.

Your take on UFO’s in general?

Whatever saucer-shaped there’s flying it’s man-made. I’m also a firm believer in life outside of our solar system, even ponder it’s possible to think there could be a form of intelligence, but I highly doubt we’ll ever have any contact with anything more than few worms buried in Mars and weird fishy things in Europa. So, in that way I believe we Earthlings should use our imagination as wide, far and crazy as possible in imagining conscious life out there, since we’ll never find it out anyway.

Why does Nazi aesthetics appeal to the people? What’s the reason behind their appeal to the people nowadays? What do you think of Nazis? Was was the worst and the best in them in your books?

Strength and cool come from strong will and great taste in the visuals. Unfortunately, what’s driving these is an ideology that’s so badly rotten inside it’s not worth celebrating. But Nazi cool can be thanked only by Hollywood film industry, which put these soldiers in pedestal and made them demigods of evil. Mankind loves evil, so we love nazis. What’s always forgotten, and what’s very sad is that Nazis were not ‘evil’, they were just pathetic ignorant mislead shitheads. But you can’t really make a multi-billion branch of entertainment industry based on hunting pathetic ignorant mislead shitheads, they are not fun. Evil is much more fun. Making nazis evil you make them entertaining and making them entertaining you make people want to watch them and pay for them.

What I believe how Nazis should be treated is to be revealed as the pathetic ignorant mislead shitheads they are, so no more people want to follow them, because, who wants to identify being a pathetic ignorant mislead shithead?


I recall there has been some problems in getting the movie distributed, etc. Tell us about that. It must have dealt with the Nazi-dimension of the movie, right?

In the beginning, people were very worried about how we will approach the topic of Nazism, given its’ strong negative baggage, so we did get a lot of interest but a lot of “no thank yous” in the end. It took years of convincing for people to understand that this is a comedy, that it’s dismantling the Nazi mythos not appraising it, and that it’s not making fun of the victims of the Nazis. After this was managed to be slammed into the heads of people, getting the distributors was a bit easier, but for a small marginal european scifi film, it’s never easy.

Eventually, we succeeded, selling the film to theatres in over 60 countries with DVD and VOD finding its’ way to even more. The film is somehow still coming out here and there; just last weekend Hungary released the film to theatres, so there’s some serious longevity in the film.

ironskysarahpalinHave Sarah Palin supporters contacted you regarding the movie? What have they said?

It took them about six months to really form an intelligible response to the film, and it contained a lot of death threats, curse words and Euro-bashing. It was probably one of the best times I’ve had as a filmmaker, reading as some right-wing nutcase found out about Iron Sky, tweeted about it and then the whole republican media on Internet went nuclear.

How you got Laibach to make the soundtrack to Iron Sky? Were they instanty all in for it or was it a matter of negotiations or some such process? Were you a Laibach fan before the movie, an NSK-citizen?

I’ve never been an NSK citizen, but was a big big fan of Laibach since I first found out about them, and was listening to them constantly as I was working and writing Iron Sky. It was one of the initial goals for me production-wise, to get Laibach to do the music, and although contacting them and the initial negotiations were not easy, as soon as we got a chance to meet and talk what the film will be, and how it will be like, they decided to help. And when Laibach is on board, they are on board 150%, and will pull in every resource and bit of energy they have to create something extraordinary.

What do you think of the reception the movie has got? How do you feel about it?

Reception has been mixed. I usually think it’s divided into those with IQ under 100 or above 100. Those above seem to be more likely to get it, those under seem to have hard time getting their heads around it. And, well, of course there’s the film critics, but then again, who cares of them anyway? I’m happy the right people find the film, and I’m happy it has created a huge, intense following that’s going to help us making the sequel, and I promise even the sequel won’t even try to make everyone happy.

ironskylaibachWhat do you think of the movie yourself? What could have been done better, what ended up perfect?

I’m proud and happy of it. Looking back, the more I see what choices we made during the production, the less I think something could’ve been done different. Films are more than sum of their parts, and the magic happens not only as it is written, but also in certain time and space, where no other end result could’ve come out. I could go back and chance this and that, but I fear it would result in a worse film. To me, Iron Sky is perfect as it is, with all its’ flaws, and I wouldn’t really go changing too much. I would’ve liked to stay in the Moon Base a bit more, but we really had to get going with the story around 29 minutes, when we leave the base for the first time.

The movie must have brought you into many interesting situatons. Do you have some special stories to share with us about those? The most surprising, memorable, weird situations?

I’ve had great time with the film’s release. Travelling to tens of film festivals all over the world you get to meet the most amazing people, most interesting world views and end up into strangest situations. Let’s just say I’ve understood that there’s no glamour in film, but there’s something very wicked, dark and perverted in the world of film that’s rather interesting. Weirdest people I’ve met are usually the UFO freaks thanking me for a great documentary.

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What is Älymystö all about?

alymystoÄlymystö an industrial noise project me and Mr. Haapanen set up some 12 years ago. Our intention was originally only to do few songs and one live show, but it grew out of its’ proportions, and although we haven’t released a lot, and haven’t toured like animals, we’ve established a small niche of which we are proud, and which we are also expanding on nowadays.

What made you interested in industrial music? The biggest influences? Top ten best industrial albums – or other kinds of albums, if you prefer to broaden the question?

Industrial music is also a glance into the dark side of electronic music and metal music, sort of like looking under the hood of what this shit is made of. It has beauty in the crust, rot and malfunctions, and it’s very digiprimitive in its’ nature. Top ten industrial albums listed here:

Laibach: Opus Dei.

GGFH: Disease.

Ministry: Psalm 69.

Die Krupps: II.

Alec Empire: Futurist.

Godflesh: Pure.


Front Line Assembly: Hard Wired.

NON: Music for Iron Youth.

You ”sing” and write lyrics for Älymystö. What inspires your lyrics? What do you want or aim to express via them?

Usually sexual frustration, religious frustration, murder fantasies and some kind of a compilation of these elements.

If you would be either a musician or a movie director (not both) which one you would be?


The best Älymystö album to date, and why that?

Atomgrad is our only full-length album so far, and I’m proud of it. It has a very unique atmosphere that’s unrepeatable.

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Pekka Siitoin

siitoinufoWhat do you think of Pekka Siitoin? What do you think was the best and the worst in the man? What do you think of him, in general?

I think Finland needs these strong personalities, whatever side of the imaginary ‘fence’ they stand. We tend to be a society which ridicules and abhors anyone with unique personality and see standing out as a negative trait. I’m talking of Pekka Siitoin, but also of Spede Pasanen, Lenita Airisto, Jörn Donner and Matti Nykänen to name a few. All of these are interesting people, some are creepy, some just plain insane and some considered intellectuals. What I like about them all is that they give a nice kick in the ass of us Finns, forces us to think beyond the “kahvia-ja-pullaa” universe we so easily float in. So, I don’t agree with Pekka’s views at all, but I respect his uniqueness.

Did you consider having Pekka Siitoin as a character in Iron Sky at any point? Do you consider doing so in the sequel of the movie that is in planning?

Yes, actually we did, at least partially. In the very first draft of Iron Sky, there was supposed to be a character called Pekka Lehto on the Moon, playing much similar character as Klaus Adler is now. His name comes from a Pekka Siitoin – Seppo Lehto -mash-up, and he was to be a crazy son of a bitch nazi, main antagonist of the film. This was a bit before Johanna Sinisalo joined us, though.

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Keys of success, future, etc.

As a creative and successful person, what kind of advice you would give to persons wishing to create something like Star Wreck or Iron Sky? What are the ingredients of success, of making it all come true today? What you would have done differently if you would have had some advice in the early stages of your process? Or is is all just ”try and see”-kind of process?

I like to say that there’s really nothing you can take or achieve to have the qualifications to make a feature film, other than making it. So, I’d suggest evaluate your life and think, would you be willing to do years of work without being paid to become a filmmaker. Most wouldn’t, and that narrows it down to those would. Then, making a film itself is obviously the main task, and only very few really get to finish. And out of those who finish, even smaller portion are willing to do the work it takes to make a film.

First film doesn’t have to be great in every respect, but it needs to show you have the guts to finish a feature film, you have some kind of a vision on what you are doing. So, instead of talking about it, start making a film. And instead of skipping the corners, spend years on it to make it as good as you humanely can. Then, release it and see what happens.

What you would like people to know about you that they haven’t got to know about you thus far via mainstream media?

I’m an egoistic asshole. It helps repositioning me in the field of who’s a great guy and who’s not. I am.

What kind of plans you have in for your near future when it comes to Älymystö, movies?

Right now I’m working on two feature films – Jeremiah Harm, a scifi actioner and Iron Sky sequel. There’s also talks about more films to which I’ve attached my ass to, one of them being I Killed Adolf Hitler, then there’s Deadrise and a bunch of others.

What makes you happy?

Right now, Oranssi Pazuzu. In general, when I’m right and people listen to me and things click. What makes me sad is when I’m wrong but people still listen to me and things fall apart. Both happen at equal intervals.

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Thank you for the interview, Timo!

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Iron Sky official webpage.

Iron Sky in Facebook.


– – –

Iron Siitoin.

Reich of the Black Sun.

We come in peace.

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boydrice2012_4There was an interesting headline in the news few days ago: “ABBA Founder: Godlessness Makes Sweden’s Pop Music Great“.

This reminded me of my private conversation with Boyd Rice.

It went like this:

Mesikämmen: “Funny little detail – someone found my blog with search words “IS ABBA ABRAXAS?”

Boyd commented: “THEY COULD BE! ABBA is a name of God!”

Indeed, it is.

Song for the day: ABBA: Does your mother know?

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Boyd Rice speaks!

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hmksm2013Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen SM 2013 julistettiin avatuksi 29.8. Tähän mennessä kisaan on sen virallisilla Facebook-sivuilla ilmoittautunut 49 osallistujaa. Kisasivut ovat tähän mennessä saaneet 699 tykkäystä. Kisat ovat historiassaan olleet jo nyt ennätyksellisen suositut.

Kisan karsintakierrokselle on ilmoittautumisaikaa tämän kuun loppuun (30.9.) saakka, kuten kisaninfossa on kerrottu. Nyt alkaa olla korkea aika ilmoittautua kisaan, mikäli haluaa saada tarpeeksi ääniä päästäkseen finaaliin, joka järjestetään 30.9.-4.10.

Osallistujien ja heidän kannattajiensa kannattaa tässä vaiheessa aloittaa armoton kampanjointi tarvittavien äänien puolesta.

Tähän mennessä ilmoittautuneiden kesken on kisan viiden kärki seuraava:

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Arto Wasenius: 252

Miika Ihanainen: 216

Antero Funeral Moon: 179

Juhani Seppälä: 155

Suorasormi Patatso-Ukki: 154

– – –

Bubbling under:

Tuomas Tähti: 137

Petteri Liimatainen: 125

Mika A. A. Hyytinen: 115

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Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen SM 2013-mainosvideo.

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On taas juhlapostin aika. Mesikämmenen on kirjoittanut Pekka Siitoimesta suoraan ja epäsuoraan jo 400 postin verran! Das Fest VII!

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400. Päivän viinisuositus.

399. Oi niitä aikoja!

398. Pekka sosiaaliviraston haastateltavana 1991.

397. Kursiivin isku, osa 17.

396. Unclean: H.P.S.

395. Valtakunnanjohtajan kaleteri / syyskuu.

394. Valtakunnanjohtaja und der valtakunnanjohtaja.

393. Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen SM 2013.

392. Pekka Siitoin Huomenta Suomessa 1992.

391. Hiljaa, nyt puhuu Siitoin!

390. Pekan puolustuspuhe Ufo-ajassa 1974.

389. Malheurin Pekka-paita.

388. Pekka Siitoin: Päijänne kutsuu.

387. Pekka Siitoin: Luojan kiitos.

386. Pekka Siitoin: Iloinen leski.

385. Rock-Pekka esittää: The worryin’ kind.

384. “Mesikämmeneltä saa kaiken tarvittavan”.

383. Pekka Siitoin: Muisto vain.

382. Will over Matter: Toisesta maailmasta.

381. Pekka Siitoin: Kurssilaisten vapaatunnit.

380. Ennennäkemättömiä Pekka-filmejä.

379. Pekka Dark Days Aheadin musiikkivideolla.

378. Pekka Siitoin: Kalevala ja muut kansaneepokset.

377. Valtakunnanjohtajan elämä (2002).

376. Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen SM 2013 lähestyy.

375. Pekka ja Charlie Prahassa.

374. Pekka Siitoin: Yliaistilliseen tietoisuustilaan kohoaminen.

373. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / elokuu.

372. Tohtori Kronos muistelee Pekkaa.

371. Päivän Pekat.

370. Valtakunnanjohtajan nurmikko.

369. “Saatananpalvontaa Suomessa”.

368. Kuka oli Boris Berin-Bey?

367. Pekka unessa ruotsinlaivalla.

366. Rytmihäiriö Turussa 26.7.2013.

365. Jouko Piho puhuu!

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363. “Turun saatananpalvojien rituaalimenot”.

362. Aleksander ja Olavi Siitoimesta.

361. Päivän Pekka.

360. Nalle Österman puhuu!

359. Päivän Pekat.

358. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / heinäkuu.

357. Viimeisimmät lisäykset Mesikämmenen Pekka-kokoelmaan.

356. Pekka Siitoimen hengentieteelliset ulottuvuudet ja esikuvat.

355. Rivologi puhuu!

354. Föreningen Veronican klassinen spiritismipeli.

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352. Turun Hengentieteen Seura Fingerporissa.

351. Das Fest VI! 350 postia Pekka Siitoimesta!

350. Pekka Siitoin: Taisteluni

349. Pekka Siitoin Radio Inarissa 10.3.1997

348. Pekka Siitoin: Jeesus Kristus ja juutalainen rotu

347. Pekka Siitoin: Uuden ajan hengentieteen historia

346. Belsebub & perisynnit

345. Siitoin, Parland, et al. FSTV:ssä 1989

344. Mediapeli 13.10.1994

343. Pekka, meemit, vitsin psykologia

342. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / kesäkuu

341. Pekka ja Sleepy Sleepers

340. Kai M. Aalto puhui 1992!

339. Toiveammattina valtakunnanjohtaja

338. Legendaarisen laivaseminaarin kutsu

337. Turun Hengentieteen Seuran kirjeenvaihtoa 70-luvulta

336. Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen SM 2013-mainosvideo

335. Pääkallon puolikas, jonka Pekka Siitoin omisti

334. Pekka Siitoin, Luciferin arkkipiispa

333. Valtakunnanjohtajan syntymäpäivää vietetään ympäri Suomea

332. Hyvää syntymäpäivää, valtakunnanjohtaja!

331. Turun Hengentieteen Seuran vieras- ja jäsenkirja 1971-1977

330. Kursiivin isku, osa 16

329. Kansalliskirjaston Siitoin-kokoelma

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310. Sieg Heil Suomi -dokumentti kokonaisena

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301. Das Fest V! 300 postia Pekka Siitoimesta!

300. Pekka-taidetta

299. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / maaliskuu

298. Post 2003

297. Valtakunnanjohtajan elämä (2003)

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289. “Siitoin elää” (osa 2)

288. Siitoimen sukupuusta

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286. Valtakunnanjohtajan elämä (1993)

285. Valtakunnanjohtajan elämä (1992)

284. Hitler kuulee Mesikämmenen blogin Pekka-posteista

283. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / helmikuu 2013

282. Rivologi: Sexuaalisuus ja Saatanan palvonta (osa 2)

281. Siitoin No TV:ssä, Hyvät, pahat ja rumat-ohjelmassa, yms.

280. Siitoin Würzburgissa 1989

279. Kai M. Aalto Ajankohtaisessa Kakkosessa 25.2.1992

278. Porno-Pekan kadonneet rivoilut

277. Valtakunnanjohtajan Elämä (1991)

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271. Upseeri ja herrasmies – Siitoin Bambi-lehdessä 1983

270. Valtakunnanjohtajan Elämä (1984)

269. Kai M. Aalto Mediakomppaniassa yms.

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230. Siitoin-filmi oy (osa 6)

229. Pekka lomalla (osa 2)

228. Pekka, Aalto, Koskela et al. Naantalissa 1992

227. Pekkaa muistellaan ympäri Suomea

226. Pekan muistopäivä

225. Turun Hengentieteen Seura vihkii Suomen Luciferille ja Saatanalle (osa 2)

224. Turun Hengentieteen Seura vihkii Suomen Luciferille ja Saatanalle

223. Pekan ennustuksia

222. Rautaristi

221. Kun uskovainen Pekan Mustat raamatut poltatutti

220. Pekka kohtaa black metallin

219. Päivän Pekka-materiaalit ja -tarina

218. Pekka-taidetta Dyslexiaisokhere-blogilta

217. Nauravat natsit -näytteitä

216. Pekka pursuit (osa 1)

215. Rivologi ja Siveyden liitto

214. Boyd Rice live at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, 6th November

213. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / marraskuu

212. Väinö Kuisman vieraana

211. Nauravat natsit: Siitoin-saagan viimein esiintuotu liitonarkki

210. Nauravat natsit on täällä taas!

209. Pekka kohtaa esoteeris-industriaalin melun

208. Pekan kasvatusisän hauta

207. Miikka Rantanen puhuu!

206. Turun Hengentieteen Seuran pyhiinvaellus Pekan haudalle

205. Kohtaaminen Pekan kanssa 70-luvulla

204. Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen SM-kisan synty ja sen maagiset ulottuvuudet

203. Mike Pohjola puhuu!

202. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / lokakuu

201. Das Fest IV! 200 postia Pekka Siitoimesta!

200. Pekka lomalla

199. Wacht am Rhein

198. Talo, jossa Pekka Siitoin asui (osa 3)

197. Hypnoottis-magneettinen katse Hikipediassa

196. Kursiivin isku, osa 13

195. Kursiivin isku, osa 12

194. Pekka Siitoimen hypnoottis-magneettinen katse

193. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / syyskuu

192. Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen renessanssi

191. Rituaalimenot, ufot, uskonto ja pakolainen

190. Ötöpesän jengi puhuu!

189. Valtakunnanjohtajan kiljuepisodi (osa 2)

188. Pekan viisauksia

187. Pekka ja Radio City (osa 2)

186. Laku-Pekka

185. Horst Knautin ja Pekka Siitoimen perverssiyden ylistys

184. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 14

183. Kursiivin isku, osa 11

182. Ilmari Pöyhönen: Kilju

181. Mesikämmenen haaste metalli, yms. -muusikoille

180. Kymenlaakson Esoteeris-Mytologinen Seura puhuu!

179. Mitä Leo Meller sanoi Pekka Siitoimen kuolemasta? (osa 2)

178. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / elokuu

177. Leo Mellerin muisti pettää

176. Mysteeri nimeltä Lin gha-Rej (osa 3)

175. Mysteeri nimeltä Lin gha-Rej (osa 2)

174. Kai M. Aallon surunvalittelu Pekka Siitoimen kuoleman johdosta

173. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / heinäkuu

172. Kai M. Aallon valokuva-albumista

171. Olavi Koskela puhuu!

170. Saatana saapuu Sörnäisiin

169. Kesämuotia (osa 2)

168. Pekka pytyllä

167. Ikkunaostoksilla

166. Ihmeellinen Abdullah, osa 4

165. Kesämuotia

164. Halthan speaks!

163. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / kesäkuu

162. Basso-lehti arvostelee Siitoimen klassikon

161. Pekka Siitoin puhuu Radio Inarissa! (osa 3/3)

160. Pekka Siitoin puhuu Radio Inarissa! (osa 2/3)

159. Pekka Siitoin puhuu Radio Inarissa! (osa 1/3)

158. Pekka ja Radio City

157. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / toukokuu

156. Hyvää syntymäpäivää, valtakunnanjohtaja!

155. Valtakunnanjohtajan puhelinvastaajasta

154. Welcome to Naantali

153. Ihmisen poika

152. Leo Meller Fan Club puhuu!

151. Das Fest III! 150 postia Pekka Siitoimesta!

150. Totaalista sotaa!

149. Kursiivin isku, osa 10

148. Musta Raamattu

147. Pekka galore

146. Pekka Siitoin on nykyään vampyyri! (osa 2)

145. Ihmeellinen Abdullah, osa 3

144. Pekan edelliset elämät

143. Iron Siitoin

142. Kursiivin isku, osa 9

141. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri 2012 / huhtikuu

140. Ihmeellinen Abdullah, osa 2

139. Pekka Siitoin ja rock ‘n’ roll, osa 2

138. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri / maaliskuu

137. Kursiivin isku, osa 8

136. Kursiivin isku, osa 7

135. Ihmeellinen Abdullah, osa 1

134. Kursiivin isku, osa 6

133. Luciferin soldaatti Leon Kosmos puhuu!

132. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri 2012 / helmikuu

131. Blood Ceremonyn Sami Haavisto puhuu!

130. Suomen Führer, osa II

129. Mesikämmenen varjopresidentinvaalit

128. Antti Joutsi puhuu!

127. Pekka ja Kemin komendantti “H”

126. “Siitoin elää”

125. Valtakunnanjohtajan kalenteri 2012 / tammikuu

124. Ilmari Pöyhönen puhuu!

123. Hyvää uutta vuotta!

122. Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen SM – johdossa olevien esittely

121. Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen SM – ensimmäinen äänestyspäivä

120. Pekka ja arkkipiispatar

119. Jarlan Siitoin-kokoelma ja Naantalin Siitoin-patsas

118. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 13

117. Henget kertovat

116. Ensimmäinen uusi markkaseteli

115. Pekka Siitoimen muistopäivä

114. “Pekka Siitoin nähty Hangossa”

113. Hänvin

112. Hypnoottis-magneettisen katseen SM 2011

111. Esa Taberman puhuu!

11o. Natsiretoriikkaa

109. Kursiivin isku, osa 5

108. Pekka ja netti

107. Pekan ajatuksia asepalveluksesta

106. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 12

105. Pekka Siitoimen keikka DBTL:ssä 1994

104. Peter Siitoin: Musta Magia trilogia

103. Halla-aho ja Saatanan lonkerot

102. Kai M. Aalto puhuu! (osa 3/3)

101. Das Fest II! 100 postia Pekka Siitoimesta!

100. Kursiivin isku, osa 4

99. Kursiivin isku, osa 3

98. Kursiivin isku, osa 2

97. Täällä vartioin minä!

96. Kursiivin isku, osa 1

95. Huolestuneisuus ennen Kursiivin iskua, osa 3

94. Alfauros laittoi asioita kuntoon

93. Huolestuneisuus ennen Kursiivin iskua, osa 2

92. Huolestuneisuus ennen Kursiivin iskua, osa 1

91. IKR:n plörinäksi mennyt Belgian matka 1977

90. “Worshiping the Devil in the name of God”

89. Siitoin-filmi oy, osa 5

88. Siitoin-filmi oy, osa 4

87. Kai M. Aalto puhuu! (osa 2/3)

86. Siitoin-filmi oy, osa 3

85. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 11

84. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 10

83. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 9

82. Pekka ja SMP/SKYP

81. IKR:n plörinäksi mennyt Kotkan marssi 1977

80. Lisähuomioita Pekan mielenosoitustoiminnasta, yms.

79. Pekka ja vappu, osa 4/4

78. Pekka ja vappu, osa 3/4

77. Pekka ja vappu, osa 2/4

76. Pekka ja vappu, osa 1/4

75. Pekan perheonnea

74. Arjalanpaisti ja arjalanpiirakat

73. Kai M. Aalto puhuu! (osa 1/3)

72. Mitä Pekka Siitoin ajattelisi perussuomalaisista?

71. Pekka Siitoin: Jag ska befria Norden!

70. Pekan mietteitä ennen eduskuntavaaleja 1983

69. Pekka Siitoin palauttaa Karjalan Suomelle, osa 3

68. Pekka Siitoin palauttaa Karjalan Suomelle, osa 2

67. Pekka Siitoin palauttaa Karjalan Suomelle, osa 1

66. Pekkagrammi, osa 2

65. Pekka Siitoin ja rock ‘n’ roll

64. Näen ja kuulen… mutta puhe sammaltaa

63. Pekka Siitoin Fingerporissa

62. Tulella leikkimisestä

61. Talo, jossa Pekka Siitoin asui (osa 2)

60. Pekka presidentiksi?

59. Kommunismin ja kokoomuksen uhka

58. Valtakunnanjohtaja ja Italia

57. Valtakunnanjohtaja ja Varkaus

56. Kiljukeisari

55. Valtakunnanjohtajan kiljuepisodi

54. Pekka Siitoin -anagrammit ja postyymi Finlandia-palkinto

53. Hyvää uutta vuotta!

52. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 8

51. Das Fest! 50 postia Pekka Siitoimesta!

50. Arkistojen aarteita ja Pekka Siitoin soundboard

49. Luvassa hypnoottis-magneettista menoa

48. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 7

47. Rivologin rodunjalostusta

46. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 6

45. Pekkagrammi

44. Ääretön rakkaus

43. Siitoin-filmi oy, osa 2

42. Pekan lähtö

41. Pekka Siitoimen transformaatio poliittisesta uhkasta uusnatsismin ja okkultismin von Münchauseniksi

40. Pekka Siitoimen shortsit

39. Hyvät naiset, olette kaikki kauniita!

38. Kassisen perintöprinssi

37. Mikä erottaa fasistin kommunistista?

36. Mesikämmenen jengi

35. Pekka Siitoin built my Panzerwagen

34. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 5

33. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 4

32. Seurakuntavaalit

31. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 3

30. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 2

29. Turun Hengentieteen Seura, osa 1

28. Pentagrammon, clavis, cranium, sciurus, circumferentia, logos, gravis admodum, et diaboli

27. Siitoin-filmi oy

26. Mitä Leo Meller sanoi Pekka Siitoimen kuolemasta?

25. Toinen todellisuus

24. Mitä Pekka Siitoin sanoi Anton LaVeystä ja satanismin historiasta?

23. Pekka Siitoimen iltarukous

22. Isän valtakunta kuvina

21. Isän valtakunnan jälkipyykkiä

20. Pekan parhaat, osa 7

19. Pekan parhaat, osa 6

18. Pekan parhaat, osa 5

17. Pekan parhaat, osa 4

16. Pekan parhaat, osa 3

15. Pekan parhaat, osa 2

14. Pekan parhaat, osa 1

13. Isän valtakunta

12. Arkistojen kätköistä

11. Päivän lainaus ja kysymys

10. Pekka Siitoin on nykyään vampyyri!

9. Hypnoottis-magneettinen katse ja sen alkuperä

8. Mitä Pekka Siitoin sanoi äidilleni

7. Luciferin arkkipiispan nauru

6. Talo, jossa Pekka Siitoin asui

5. Achtung! Valtakunnanjohtaja puhuu! (osa 4/4)

4. Achtung! Valtakunnanjohtaja puhuu! (osa 3/4)

3. Achtung! Valtakunnanjohtaja puhuu! (osa 2/4)

2. Achtung! Valtakunnanjohtaja puhuu! (osa 1/4)

1. Should I laugh or cry?

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