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Alan Cabal

I will never forget the first time I saw Alan Cabal. The place was San Francisco and the year was 2000 of the common era. We both participated in a certain occasion that dealt with all and everything with a great magical twist. I don’t remember what the topic of the presentation was but Alan took part in a discussion that followed it. The man was so full of energy that it was electrifying. Intense. His ideas were wild but well argumented. A bit like Robert Anton Wilson’s but much better. Someone said that Al was a guy ”who had turned into a werewolf and never turned back”. Without a doubt this referred to his intensity and not his character for the guy was smart and much more well behaved than any werewolf I had met before. Two years passed and I met the man again. This time the place was Las Vegas. He used an Area 51 mug as a Holy Grail. We talked a bit about various things and my impression of him got even better. I thought he certainly was not a werewolf but nevertheless was dangerous because he spoke so much truth, shamelessly.

I learned later that Alan was a journalist. He had written for the New York Press, CounterPunch and other publications. After reading some of his articles and exchanging some notes about politics, religion, humor and other topics with him, I thought it would be nice to make a little interview with him for this blog. So here we go.


Who are you, Mr. Cabal? What kind of things you’ve been doing, are doing, and plan to do?

I am above all an orphan. I may not have punctuated that correctly.

I have an impression that you know lots of things that people in general do not know – is this correct?

I do not know what the Generals know.

What do you think of the Area 51, in general? Is it just a bullshit hype of new age idiots and other losers or is there something real behind it? There are lots of high credibility sources talking about the subject, for example, within the Disclosure Project. What do you think of them?

USA stealth aircraft account for many UFOs. Incidentally, there seems to be a cancer plume eastward of Groom Lake, following prevailing winds. The evidence is largely anecdotal. The category “UFO” covers a multitude of sins in the USA, not limited to cocaine smuggling.

I’ve read and heard of nazi UFO’s from various sources. One of the more seminal ones is Jim Marrs (author of The Rise fo the Fourth Reich). What do you think, is it true that the US worked with nazi knowledge within some black budgets on UFO’s and other similar stuff?

Operation Paperclip is one of the open secrets people should be paying attention to.

What do you think of Black Projects within the US administration in general?

There is no dark side of the moon, really. As a matter of fact, it’s all dark.

Do the US black projects include knowledge of anti-gravitational power?

If they did, they’d find a way to fuck themselves up with it.

Does The US have their own UFO’s?

We have things that have been identified as UFOs on numerous occasions worldwide, yes.

Did the Nazis have UFO’s?

They had some odd things going on. It’s very difficult to sort out the disinformation on the Nazis.

What are the strenghts of the US in the current world situation ? The weaknesses?

It is cursed beyond redemption.

What are the strenghts of Europe? The weaknesses?

Your blood ties, in both cases.

Who Killed John F. Kennedy?

Ultimately Meyer Lansky and James Jesus Angleton.

What really happened on 9/11? I understand that you were among the very first journalists who wrote about the event in a way that was sceptical about the official story.

A leisure service of Mossad, Halliburton, and a few other corporate anti-Christ enterprises. The Bush Crime Family comes immediately to mind in my short list of suspects.

What is the NWO? Is the New World Order just nonsense? Or is there something real behind it?

I am the New Flesh.

Who are the most dangerous men on Earth? Why?

Darth Cheney has no pulse. Do the math. Does the name “George Romero” ring a bell anywhere? HE’S A GODDAMNED ZOMBIE, they are fucking RARE now, but the fucking things will be galloping over YOUR GODDAMNED WELL-MANICURED EUROPEAN HEDGES shrieking about their RIGHTS to bite into your BRAINS and SPINAL CORDS turning you into their feces or worse.

Who are the best men on Earth? Why?

The regular people who get through their regular days of struggle without screwing anybody else, or each other. There are quite a few women in that roster.

I have got an impression that you are very critical of the US. Why? If you could, where would you move on the planet Earth? Why?

Watch the movie POLTERGEIST. That is America. Nowhere is “safe” right now, but I think about comfort. I wouldn’t say where.

What makes you American? I feel you are in your own peculiar way very American – what is the essence of your American soul?

I was born here. I could not possibly be anything but an American. I have no discernible or traceable biological origin. It is sealed.

I have got the impression you’ve been accused of being a pro-Nazi. What do you have to say about this? Why is this the case?

Nazis and I are antithetical life-forms. That is why the Zionists hate me.

Why are you so much against Israel? Is it because they are against palestinians just like the Nazis were against jews?

Nazi is Zion spelled inside-out.

Are Americans stupid?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Has Obama brought ”the Change” he promised?

Fill one hand with shit and the other with promises and see which one fills up first.

How about drugs? What do you think of legalizing ganja? I remember that LSD once saved you from Vietnam, so I guess you have some positive angles on these substances.

People should learn about drugs. Antibiotics are not a bad thing, though they can be harmful. I avoid vaccines generally, but I did take a HepB series.

Is Elvis still alive?

I hope so.

What do you think of religiosity and religions? Are humans in some genuine way spiritual or is all of this just ”opium for the masses”? Are you an atheist, agnostic or something else?

I make my religion up in my dreams as I PROCESS the data.

What do you think of Finland?

High Elven Territory and definitely not to be fucked with, as has been PROVED.

What is the meaning of life?

Mine, or yours?

What makes you happy?

That’s a dangerous question.

If you would win the Nobel peace prize, what kind of speech would you give to the world?

“Deeds, not words.”

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Mohammed at Cáfe Aisha

It was pretty interesting new situation a bit over two months ago. After South Park guys Trey Parker and Matt Stone had got some death threads over an episode that depicted Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, an American cartoonist Molly Norris presented an idea of ”Everybody draw Mohammed day”. That idea turned soon into a group in Facebook. And that created quite a big international fuss. The whole thing was on the news worldwide and in Pakistan Facebook became temporarily banned because of the group.

Earlier some cartoonists had drawn prophet Mohammed and raised some hell with it. Among these guys there are Swedish Lars Vilks, Danish Kurt Westergaard, and here in Finland in a smaller but still in noteworthy proportion Ville Ranta. Those artists were easy to target for those who wanted to critize or even to attack them. There was a name and face who to critize and confront. With ”Everybody draw a Mohammed day” it was all different. There were eventually over 100 000 members in the group from all over the world and an equally huge number of drawings and pictures of Mohammed contributed by them. There were no single name and address this time to point to for those who got mad about the idea of the group and of the drawings and pictures contributed in it. If angry muslims wanted to give some jihad to all of those who participated in drawing and in supporting the Facebook group, they were going to be damn busy. I bet it was really frustrating to them. No single face and name to target. No. This time there were over 100 000 of them. Worldwide.

I joined the Facebook group too. Not to my surprise there were lots of muslims as members in the group too. They were of course writing in defense of their religion of peace – often over-emotionally in all CAPITALS, in super bad English with tons of exclamation points and lovingly and routinely threatening non-muslim members of the group with hellfire and sometimes also with violence and death (I got two death threads myself due to the drawing of the prophet I contributed). Their logic and manners were not the best possible ones but I need to say that the mudslinging was equal from the other side too. I think it would have been good if there would have been a good team of moderators to keep the level of discussion up a bit more. It all slided pretty soon into not so intelligent ranting on both sides. Few of the more intelligent and reflective comments posted on the sites wall got really read because comments on the wall were just flowing really fast, tons of them. At that point we were at the inevitable confrontation point where real thinking of the cause of the group was more rare than irrationally spontaneous emotional response. Oh well, I saw it coming already in the beginning. But witnessing it all was still great – it was historic.

From the gates of Vienna the battle between Islam and Western culture had moved to the cyberspace. For the first time there were tons of soldiers on both sides at the same time, not just jihadist attacking some single western artists. Well, luckily it was not a real physical battle but more like a simultaneous keyboard-pressing mental masturbation about how one’s own side was better than the others.

What did we learn from all of it? I don’t know. To me there didn’t surface anything new. Muslims behaved just like I predicted them to behave and so did also those non-muslims who took part in the whole historic internet phenomena.

The world is smaller nowadays as the saying goes, because one small thing in one corner of the world affects much easier the whole world nowadays. This can be enriching but it can also be a curse. When it comes to Islam, it is inevitable, that there is this confrontation between the East and the West going on – because there is so much difference between the two in the world that just gets becoming smaller and smaller. If you want to read more of this you might want to check out Jihad Watch, Gates of Vienna or Scripta.

Just looking at the statistics of birthrates of muslims it seems that Europe has already been lost to Islam and that my and anyone elses critic against Islam here is a fight against windmills ala Don Quiote. No matter if we think that non-muslim European culture is better than muslim theocratic hellholes of Middle-East, we seem to have lost this fight here already. Some european politicians already recognize this sad fact. Looking at a bigger historic picture this blog posting and ideas presented in it are damn insignificant, I guess. But they are a voice from a still living culture, nonethless. Maybe something can still be done. This way or that way, I am a member of that culture and I will speak from that perspective. I think we will fight till the end.

It is natural that cultures change. It has always been the case. I have no problem with that. I just wish that cultures would change for something that I can recognize as better than what they used to be. But if sharia is becoming the law in greater areas of the world I see the future quite dark. I want to have a chance to see prophet Mohammed at Cáfe Aisha dreaming of a better tomorrow, where there are no stoning of women, no hanging of gays, where there is separation of religion and the state politics, and where underage girls are not forced to marriage and sex with older men. I think that would be reasonable and good. What do you think?

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